Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stronger together: Arkansas Food Bloggers Network forms.

Over the past few weeks I've been asked to participate in a number of events involving the Arkansas food blogger community. There was the gathering in Hot Springs where we toured the Savory Pantry and learned about cupping coffee from WestRock; there was the National Food Blogger Bake Sale a group of us held in Argenta last month; there was a gathering of Petit Jean Meat Ambassadors and bloggers in Morrilton. But so far, no one cohesive unit has emerged.
Until now. It's time for us to band together to accomplish more. Sure, we already have the structure in place for next year's National Food Blogger Bake Sale for Share Our Strength. But there are more projects ahead. For instance, I've been in touch with the Arkansas Rice Depot about a couple of neat projects that would be centered around the efforts of the blogging community. Cool?
This group will also be involved in gatherings at area restaurants, tours of food operations and farms and all sorts of other fun things. Does this interest you? Even if you don't have a food blog but love food and want to participate via Facebook, Twitter or even (gasp!) In Real Life, feel free to come sign up. The Arkansas Food Bloggers Network is forming now, over on Facebook.

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