Sunday, July 30, 2017

The World at our Front Door - Heifer Village in downtown Little Rock.

Heifer International's World Headquarter grounds aren't just a place for the decisions to be made for a global non-profit. They're also a place to exerience an urban adventure - and a great lunch to boot.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Eat the City: The Little Rock Special.

Arkansas and the Mid South in general could be considered my running ground. I’ve traveled our surrounding states, explored nooks and crannies all over Arkansas and expounded on the merits of different cities within and without. But Little Rock is my hometown.

This city at the touchpoint of Arkansas’ River Valley, Delta, Ouachita and Ozark region has a unique cuisine all its own – and it’s far more than cheese dip. While I’ve expounded greatly on its classics, I’ve fallen behind on talking about a lot of the new places in town, and on reminding you of the magnificent eateries we have to offer. Little Rock Restaurant Month is time for me to remedy that. It’s not just an opportunity to share the good food here. It’s a chance for you to explore great dishes and delights – with some really smart deals.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Off The Main Highway Find the One of a Kind Cafe.

Sometimes you have to turn off the highway, follow the signs and see what's at the end of a path. We did just that Saturday, and found a permanent sandwich stand that's quaint, cute and serves some marvelous food, too - right between Hot Springs and Hot Springs Village off Arkansas Scenic Highway Seven. Let's check out the One of a Kind Cafe.