Thursday, June 2, 2011

Burger joint of the week: The Dairyette in Mt. Ida.

OLD FASHIONED:  Girls work the counter at The Dairyette
  • OLD FASHIONED: Girls work the counter at The Dairyette
You know a place is going to be good when you pull up and there’s a line out the door — at least, usually you do. So when I saw the line of young men at the order window ofThe Dairyette I was pretty jazzed.
Several people turned me on to the old fashioned country diner in Mt. Ida. They all told me one thing — there wasn’t a finer burger around said parts, and if I didn’t stop in while I was in the area I was nuts. So… I did.
Burgers come in 1/3 pound sizes or junior burgers. The cheese is American. Chopped iceberg lettuce, wrinkly hamburger dills and a slice of tomato are all the vegetation you're going to get with a standard order — and mayo is the default condiment.
On this particular visit, I noticed my ordered-up burger came with a bottom bun that didn't fit — it was larger than the top bun and a bit larger than the patty that sat on it. The buns are very soft, unseeded white buns that absorb the juice just fine.
That medium-packed medium well burger patty comes with a slightly salty, buttery flavor to it, a light griddle-char and just enough crust to feel it in your teeth. I was concerned about the apparent gray to the burger surface but found the patty more than satisfying. The American cheese melts in just fine.
Of course, I needed a beverage, and instead of going for soda I chose a shake. The Dairyette's shakes seem impossibly creamy, as if there's an extra concentration of cow juice in the mix. Many swear by the chocolate or chocolate malt; I found the cherry to be deliciously uplifting, with dark pie cherry chunks throughout. A regular is about the size you should be attempting for this burger — you can get a large, 20 ounce shake for 40 cents more, but that's pretty darn decadent.
There are many, many other items you can order at The Dairyette… catfish, chicken tenders, salads, chili dogs and a host of ice cream dishes. Worth another stop-in, for sure.
You’ll find The Dairyette on Highway 270 heading through Mt. Ida. No credit cards accepted. (870) 867-2312.

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