Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Asian Markets in Arkansas.

When I have the time, I enjoy a spot of ethnic cooking.  The many years I've dabbled in historical food research has given me an appetite for trying all sorts of new things.  

Many of the items I utilize, I can't find in a staple Arkansas grocery store.  So here's a list of Asian markets for your own resources that might carry some of the more exotic items you can't find on Aisle 9 at Kroger.

Little Rock Greater Metropolitan Area:

* Recommended:  This is one of Sue Khoo's enterprises.

Recommended:  This is the tiny yet well-packed Japanese shop under Mt. Fuji.  I get my seaweed wraps here.

Recommended:  Fine selection of gifts and housewares as well as fresh vegetables, fish.  I get my banana leaves here.

Fort Smith:

Recommended.  Best Vietnamese store I have been to in Arkansas. 

Northwest Arkansas:

Seoul Oriental Foods
729 South School
Fayetteville, AR 72701
(closed -- owner returned to Korea)

Hot Springs:



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  1. No longer in business: Lee's Oriental Market
    118 Taylor Circle
    Conway, AR 72032

    New Asian Store in Conway, AR 72034:
    New Dragon Asian Food Market
    625 Salem Rd
    Conway, AR 72034


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