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My favorite breakfasts #3-7

My favorite breakfasts #3-7: Five great experiences

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CREME BRULE:  Its whats for breakfast at Local Flavor Cafe
  • CREME BRULE: It's what's for breakfast at Local Flavor Cafe
Rather than repeat myself, I’d like to reference previous stories in talking about some of those best breakfasts I encountered during my breakfast research.
To make it easy for you, the middle five of my top ten favorite breakfast restaurants:
7. Local Flavor Café in Eureka Springs
6. Lulav in Little Rock
5. Calico County in Fort Smith
4. Pancake Shop in Hot Springs
3. Mud Street Café in Eureka Springs
My favorite dishes at each and links to each of the reviews on the jump.
Tomorrow: One of the newest restaurants on my list has deep ties to Little Rock’s culinary history.
COLORFUL:  Mexican Scram at Local Flavor Cafe
#7 Local Flavor Café
Want Crème Brule for breakfast? The popular Eureka Springs restaurant is the only place in Arkansas that carries the creamy burnt sugar delight for the morning meal. My favorite dish: the Mexican Scram - a Poblano pepper stuffed with cheese, eggs and onions, topped with avocado slices, tomato and sour cream served up with black beans and two very different salsas. A spicy and tasty breakfast. The story at Tie Dye Travels.

#6 Lulav
The Little Rock eatery has served great dinners for years but just entered the breakfast market this summer.
MUFFIN-BOUND DELICACY:  Lulavs Mediterranean Eggs Benedict, with Shrimp
  • MUFFIN-BOUND DELICACY: Lulav's Mediterranean Eggs Benedict, with Shrimp
Menu items range between the frugal with reasonably priced yogurt parfaits and pastries to luxurious dishes like pork medallions and fancy crepes. My favorite dish: the Mediterranean Eggs Benedict made with a chef‘s suggestion, substituting shrimp for crab. The fantastic rosemary-laden shredded potatoes are phenomenal. The story earlier this year here at Eat Arkansas.
CHICKEN FRIED STEAK:  Decadent at Calico County
  • CHICKEN FRIED STEAK: Decadent at Calico County
#5 Calico County
The best breakfast in Fort Smith starts with those famous complimentary icing-free cinnamon rolls that go down perfectly with a cup of coffee. My favorite dish - the Hearty Favorite chosen with spicy potatoes, biscuits, a couple of eggs and the country fried steak — the most tender, tastily battered piece of country fried steak you’ll ever eat at breakfast. More on the local favorite on Tie Dye Travels.

BIG AS A PLATE:  Banana Pancakes at Pancake Shop
  • BIG AS A PLATE: Banana Pancakes at Pancake Shop
#4. Pancake Shop
Traditions haven’t changed at this Hot Springs mainstay since the 60s. The coffee is house-blend, the sausage is house-spiced, the apple-butter is house-pounded and the waitresses still call you “honey.” Ridiculously low prices on the menu at this breakfast-only stop on the way to Oaklawn Racing Park. My favorite dish: Banana Pancakes with chunks of real banana in the batter, preferably just one but if you’re buying me breakfast I’ll take two, I wrote about it a while back on Tie Dye Travels.
GOOD MUFFIN:  Mud Muffin at Mud Street Cafe
#3. Mud Street Café

The custom roasted coffee will get you to Mud Street; the produce-heavy menu will keep you there and make you feel smart and healthy. The Vegetable Hashbrowns contain no less than 11 different types of vegetables and the pancakes are made with sour cream. My favorite dish: the Mud Muffin, a Wolfermann’s fresh baked English muffin with a folded scrambled egg, Cheddar cheese, tomatoes, onion, black olives and bean sprouts. Good for the body and soul. This summer’s story from Eat Arkansas.

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