Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Breakfast Elsewhere.

With the whole breakfast kick going on, I wanted to share some of the breakfast stories some of my fellow Lonely Planet Blogsherpas have experienced. After all, we're all in this together on this small blue ball.

Pocket Cultures' Nuria Villalobos shares the typical Costa Rican breakfast, Gallo Pinto. The idea of rice and beans for breakfast may sound a little odd to you, but I think it's quite normal. Many of the breakfast places I visited here in Arkansas feature beans, and I grew up having experienced the south Arkansas custom of sugared rice... Nuria talks about the preparation of "Spotted Rooster" (the translation of Gallo Pinto) and its customary companion Lizano Sauce, in this Pocket Cultures entry.

Cherrye at My Bella Vita shares a typical Calabrian breakfast. In this portion of southern Italy, the idea of bacon and eggs for breakfast is foreign. Instead, breakfast consists of cornetto (filled croissants) or brioche sometimes accompanied by fruit juice. That's something I wouldn't have gathered. And how do Calabrians eat their breakfast? Find out over at My Bella Vita.

Vibeke Montero at Photito's Blog shares breakfast in Spain, the popular Churro. I can totally get behind the idea of churros for breakfast, having enjoyed quite a few Mexican bakeries on my travels. The churro culture is a microcosm of Spanish life, and Vibeke quite well translates how to go about a churro breakfast. Catch it at Photito's Blog.

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