Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: The year of breakfast.

DOUGHNUT TIME:  At Domingos in Springdale
  • DOUGHNUT TIME: At Domingo's in Springdale
I had a crazy idea coming into 2010. I’d given my two cents to Food Network Magazine about breakfast in this state, and I realized my education level on the subject was not as high as I needed it to be. I couldn’t name 10 non-chain restaurants in the whole state that served a decent breakfast. I needed to change that.
Ruminations on an early morning year... on the jump.
All this started with my first Breakfast Week posted here the first week of 2010. That drew so many comments I did it again, and again. Then, bless his heart, Max graced me with the assignment to bring you my suggestions for the best breakfast in Arkansas. Of course it got out of hand. Of course it did.
The final tally, after that mammoth article and even the breakfasts I’ve picked up since then — breakfast consumed in 89 different Arkansas non-chain restaurants. That doesn’t include repeat business to awesome eateries likeAshley’sB-Side and Calico County — the ABCs of breakfast here in our state. For a former breakfast-averse morning show producer (my schedule got me into disliking breakfast food for a while) allergic to pork, that’s saying something.
Anyway, you think that’d be all that I brought away from this crazy year. Not true. I got to do some traveling outside the state, too. I started working for Serious Eats this year in addition to this grand gig with the Times… covering burgers in Mobile and Gulf Shores, AL; Dallas, TX; Ephraim, WI and Memphis. I got to stomp grapes for the first time — and ended up winning a celebrity grape stomp at the Altus Grape Festival. I found out why there is such a thing as too much good chocolate at the Chocolate Lovers’ Festival in Eureka Springs…
And then there was this moment… probably the worst moment food-wise for me all year — the fried beer at the Texas State Fair. To say that was memorable is an understatement.
Anyway, it’s been a good year for me. I wanted to thank you for sharing these culinary adventures with me. And please keep sending your comments and recommendations… this year was all about breakfast and such, who knows what next year will be?

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