Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Turkeys for the taking.

JUICY BIRD:  Cross Eyed Pigs smoked turkey
Folks have been asking me where to pick up their turkey-birds for turkey day. And ya know, I have a good number of recommendations for you. A quick rundown of what’s available local and tasty.
Burge’s is of course the top bird when it comes to Thanksgiving; can’t imagine a place whose website not to be able to hook you up. In Little Rock you can of course just drop byBurge’s in the Heights and pick out your turkey, ham, smoked duck or smoked chicken yourself. You need to get your order in by 4 p.m. Monday, though, if you want to have a bird shipped your way.
Petit Jean Meats is still within the realm of possibility. Of course, almost any grocery store in Arkansas is going to carry their hams and smoked turkey breasts. But if you’d prefer the convenience of having your holiday meat delivered straight to the house, you can place your order by 8 a.m. Monday morning and it’ll arrive in time — as long as you live in the state of Arkansas. Check out the complete holiday dinner for some really easy what-have-you meal. All of it on the website.
Cross Eyed Pig BBQ is doing its custom smoked turkeys again this year (and I would suppose ham as well). Talked with Anthony Michael this afternoon; he’ll be taking orders for fresh hot birds until Monday early afternoon. You’ll have to go pick it up, but what you’ll get is a hot bird right out of the smoker. Call Anthony at (501) 265-0000.
Kent’s Downtown is doing turkeys and Petit Jean hams. They’re taking orders through Tuesday morning but should have some extra birds, hams and those amazing Stuffed Italian Roasts until they run out. (501) 375-1900
Floyd’s Meat and Seafood in Sherwood carries those remarkable Turduckens and Turducken Rolls — turkeys stuffed with ducks stuffed with chickens, a very hot Thanksgiving item. The ten and 15 pound birds are quick to go, and the lady I spoke with today says they won’t be long in going so you’d better go ahead and get your order placed. They also do seafood stuffed turkeys, which I think would be da bomb. Check out their website or call (501) 833-3308.
Sim’s BBQ does it differently. You go get your own turkey and bring it to one of the Sim’s locations by 8 a.m. and they’ll have it smoked for you by that afternoon. Tuesday and Wednesday will be busy days, obviously, so think ahead. Make sure your bird is thawed and bring a pan to carry it home in.
There are of course many chain operations offering made-and-done turkeys and Thanksgiving dinners.Copeland’s is selling a Cajun Fried Turkey for $44.99. Mimi’s CafĂ© has a deal it’s offering. For sides, check out Dan’s I-30 Diner — their chicken dressing is better than just about any dressing I’ve ever had, and they also sell that fantastic sweet potato casserole.
You have one I need to add to this list?
ADDED: Argenta Market's doing smoked turkeys and hams with all the fixings. They have an online order form — but you have to order by tomorrow. On the website.

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