Saturday, November 27, 2010

My favorite breakfasts: The Front Page Cafe

SWEET CHIPS O CHOCOLATE:  Pancakes at Front Page Cafe
  • SWEET CHIPS O' CHOCOLATE: Pancakes at Front Page Cafe
I’m not a big fan of having rolls thrown at my head. Fortunately, there are no thrown rolls (or biscuits or even eggs for that matter) at the Front Page Café in Jonesboro during breakfast hours.
I’m a longtime connoisseur of all things Front Page Café. I used to love sitting in the old location on Caraway over by Barnhill’s and passing around veggies and such. I’d always tell the waitress that tips were based on the idea that I not get pegged in the noggin by one of those thrown rolls. That happened more than once.
The restaurant burned down a few years ago. I was sad to hear that, but since it had been years since I’d stepped foot in Jonesboro I really didn’t have an investment in whether or not it came back.
When I started to put together the breakfast article and asked for recommendations, there were a good number of people who told me to come back up and try the new Front Page Café. I’m glad I did.
The new building is south of the bypass, built just for the restaurant. It sprawls out a bit — the tables are further apart than in the old place. There are booths, too.
I was quickly seated and handed a menu. And that menu — hey, it was more than reasonable. Most of the plates are in the $4-5 range.
I settled for the Manager’s Special — a short stack, a couple of eggs and a couple of pieces of breakfast meat. I asked for mine with chocolate chips — one of the add-ins you can get for 69 cents (pecans and blueberries are other options).
My plate came out quickly. I hadn’t designated the breakfast meat but the platter came out with a couple of crispy, barely fatty pieces of red bacon. The eggs were nice and runny, the sort that need toast.
Those pancakes, though — nice, ¾ inch thick rounds about seven inches across that appeared to be thicker with flour than cornmeal., They appeared very standard on the outside, but when I cut into them they had that nice chocolately-ooey texture of a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie. I was expecting semi-sweet, but these were milk chocolate chips and they were scrumptious. I’d applied syrup already and it worked just fine.
It was a pretty grand breakfast for not a lot of money, and it got me up and on my way for the day. Best part was, it was just as good as I remembered.
You can find the Front Page Café at 2117 East Parker Road in Jonesboro, just south of the bypass. (870) 932-6343.

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