Saturday, October 9, 2010

The First World Championship Cheese Dip Competition.

SAMPLE THIS:  Cheese dip in a cup
The World Championship Cheese Dip Competition can undeniably be called a success. Not only did thousands of people pass through the gates at Dickey-Stephens Ball Park today, the chips — which were expected to last through the nine-hour event — were gone by 1:30 p.m. Never fear — a quick run out and there were more chips to be found.
However, the amateurs started running out of dip about 2 p.m., and some of the professionals were done a short time later. It was a great response, though, and those thousands of people confirmed there is a definite desire for this sort of competition over cheese dip here in Arkansas.
So who are the big winners? The Big Dipper awards have been announced. Amateur team Merry Monks will have their cheese dip featured on the menu at Capital Bar and Grill for the next couple of months. And Dizzy’s, the winner in the professional division, will represent Arkansas in the Road Food Convention down in New Orleans next year.
More winners — on the jump.
WINNING DIP:  Dizzys queso with salsa topping
  • WINNING DIP: Dizzy's queso with salsa topping
The awards:
Best booth d├ęcor —
Amateur: Big Cheese the Holders
Professional: Dizzy’s
Best meat dip —
Amateur: Stacy, Christine and Elizabeth Carter
Professional: Ferneau’s
Most innovative dip —
Amateur: Stacy, Christine and Elizabeth Carter
Professional: Dizzy’s
Best chip —
Amateur: Jeff Williams
Professional: Palate Catering
People’s choice —
Amateur: Jim Roberts
Professional: Ferneau’s
Little Dipper award (second place) —
Amateur: Mitchell/Williams
Professional: Stoby’s

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