Friday, October 8, 2010

Food Around The World: Tasty Travels with Fellow Blogsherpas.

I have been on a journey for three years now… not just a trip on the road but a sojourn into a new part of my life. In three years I have crisscrossed the United States, been all over the American South and found almost every little burg and village in my home state. Strangely enough, it’s all been financed through food.

Not that I’m a restauranteur or chef, mind you. I discovered early on that there was a lack of food reporting in rural areas of my state and throughout my section of the South; because of this, I turned in and focused more on the cuisine of this place. This garnered notice from several outlets, and today my bread-and-butter comes from writing about food.

I’m blessed to be part of the Lonely Planet Blogsherpa program, and as a featured blogger on the Lonely Planet website. But I am far from alone. There are nearly 100 of us now, all over the globe, broadcasting from our little slices of Earth and sharing them with the world around us. So when it came to hosting my own Blogsherpa Carnival, it was a no-brainer. I wanted to share the experience of food around the world.

Food, in the end, is the universal language. You don’t have to know another language to appreciate it, you don’t have to steep yourself in another country to experience it. It’s also a doorway into the opportunity of discovering other worlds.

So here are some windows on the experience of food around the world in this 11th Blogsherpa Carnival.

Abigail over at Inside the Travel Lab has a tale of Valencia in two bowls -- one of a salad of flowers and another a sculpture of a storm at sea in the form of rosemary ice cream.

Jason at Alpaca Suitcase explores the Anticucho, a Peruvian beef kebab sometimes made from beef heart, his experience with it and a recipe for making it yourself (not necessarily from beef heart).

Denise at Travel with Den Den covers the foods you want to injest in Seoul this winter, including my favorite Korean dish, Bibimbab, along with Korean barbecue, Kimchi and Banchan.

Dave and Deb over at The Planet D couldn’t just settle on one destination. They share all their favorite dishes from around the world, including ceviche, ox tail, fondue and the delicious Ethiopian stew called a wat. And then there was the Bedoin who brought dinner to the desert…

Back here in the States, John with The Dotted Route covers a vacation spot, Club 33 at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Eric over at Trans-Americas Journey took on a story I could really eat up -- a tour of tacos in a city best known for the tortillas of love, Mexico City. This taco cook really cracks me up.

Over at Todd’s Wanderings, Todd’s wife Kay introduces us to a food that the kids will love, along with a recipe for Chinese Fried Chicken.

Kerry over at Music Road takes a different approach, covering Potato Music -- which is, strangely enough, a collection of songs and song lyrics about potatoes.

Tamara from the States writes at Quillcards about her experiences drinking tea in a variety of cultural settings - from invitations to drink ginseng tea in Korea, to drinking spicy chai in India, to the mysteries of 'afternoon tea' in England. Along the way she tells the story of how tea came to be introduced into England and how ladies were able to enter the newly-fashionable 'tea rooms'.

Georgia at Ginger Beirut gives us a glossary of several different sorts of Lebanese foods, like aubergine, miniature cucumbers and labneh. I keep rose water for the bath, too.

Claire at First Time Travel gives a first time traveler's guide to hole-in-the-wall dining in Manila, at restaurants that serve up Thai fare, pizza and other missing-home foods.

Vibeke at Photito's Blog delves into a decadent favorite of mine, churros -- not just on the dish itself but how to order them in Spanish and how to make them, too. Churros -- they're what's for breakfast.

A weekend in food is the focus of Julie's food post on A Lady in London -- a veritable food tour of fancy and tasty items shared on a cherished trip. Lots of food photos -- click through for the full size versions.

Jennifer at Orange Polka Dot covers a native dish of Spain, jamon (a pig's leg cured in sea salt), how it's made and its varietals. Move over, Christmas ham.

Erin over at La Tortuga Viajera (The Traveling Turtle)covers a truly Spanish experience and shares a paella recipe in Pine Cones, Paella and A Perfect Spanish Afternoon.

Kirin celebrates Street Food in Mauritas, including sugar-cane juice, cut fruit, dhol-puri and such at Indian Bazaars.

Vera over at A Traveler's Library covers something I hope to utilize some day -- a top ten list of cheap(er) places to eat in Paris. Sign me up.

Barbara with Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel covers Malaysian food and culture on her blog... and talks about eating things like steamed sweet custard filled sesame buns and fried fish cakes at a hawker court at the end of her street.

LeX over at LeX Paradise shares thoughts and photos of Korean fare he's sampled during his sojourn in the Eastern country.

And Benny with Sunset Mood reveals the traditional Angkriyan, roadside dining served up in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Interesting perspectives on the universal language of food. My fellow Blogsherpas cover much more than cuisine, though. Want another taste? Check out the listing of Lonely Planet Blogsherpas on the bottom of the right hand column, or browse through the last Blogsherpa Carnival (#10) over at Sophie's World, a neat collection entitled "Your Favorite Place On Earth." The next new Carnival will be hosted by Joe over at Hello Pineapple, on "Spooky Stories." Ooh.


  1. Awesome roundup of food from around the world! Hope there will be another carnival for 'food' related topics. Great work guys!


  2. Thanks so much for including my Malaysian food experience in Penang, which is reputed to have the best food in the world and I must heartily agree! Great roundup - makes me want to eat my way around the world.

  3. Well, I am hungry now! The only question is where to start after reading about so many delicious foods.

  4. It's so good to see that even in this age of "globalisation," there are still so many different types of food to try. Mmmm...

  5. Well, I have wandered around all these blogs and come back here with a head filled with food from Malaya to Paris.

    A great round-up and I am pleased to be part of it!

  6. WOW - what a fantastic list! keep them coming - i LOVE reading stuff like this! merci!

  7. thanks for including my somewhat off the beaten path take on the idea of food around the world, Kat.

  8. Great Blog Carnival, now I'm hungry.
    Thanks for including our Tacos in Mexico City post.

  9. Nice Carnival Kat,

    Well presented with lots of great food ideas from around the world. Thanks for including my anticuchos.


  10. The food look delicious. Make me hungry now. Nice post . BR//yunila my blog house painting ideas


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