Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Everything You Need To Bring to Wakarusa.

Here's a checklist of things you should consider bringing to the Wakarusa Camping and Music Festival on Mulberry Mountain.

Each camping pass entitles the bearer to a space approximately 450 square feet in size (that includes your vehicle).  For Main Camping, this will be in a field with absolutely no trees.  West Woods camping is mostly in a forest, but there are a few clearings.  Riverside camping is on a big flat plain next to a stream.  VIP and RV reserved are in well-tailored purposed campgrounds with tree cover.

This is the interior of our SoulPad tent at last year's Wakarusa.
It's 16 feet in diameter, holds three queen sized air mattresses
and looks kinda like a teepee on the outside.
Pop-up sunshade or tarp to stretch from top of vehicle to tent
Tent stakes and poles
A mallet to drive in the stakes
Rope... it comes in handy
Sleeping linens or sleeping bag
Air mattress or cot
Light (for main camping, the closer you are to a festival entrance, the less likely you'll need a flashlight)
Chairs (if you don't have one, you can sit on a cooler or the floor or in your vehicle)
A cooler (if you want things cold)
A small, portable stove (if you want things hot)
Small propane cylinders (if you bring the stove)
A rug (to keep from dragging the campgrounds and mud into your tent)
A tarp (in case your tent leaks)

The famed Jerry Roll, an oversized egg roll, stuffed with
gyro meat.
Without sustenance, a five day music festival becomes torture.  You may decide to eat with the vendors -- and if so, consider budgeting $6-10 for each meal you'll take on the grounds.  There are a few free food activities, such as Chompdown! on Friday morning and a crawfish boil Thursday afternoon in RV camping.  Otherwise, you'll need to bring your food.

DO NOT BRING GLASS BOTTLES.  This is a property rule, not just "the man" being a jerk.  No glass bottles, no glass jars, no glass anything.

Ice is available on-site.  Unless you are in RV camping, electricity is not.

A local farmers market will be part of Waka this time.  I'm excited to see what will be offered.

Prepackaged items such as granola bars, ready-to-eat meals, jerky, dried fruit
Water (consider refillable bottles; Arkansas water is clean and sweet and there are plenty of faucets available)
Bread and other baked goods
Oh heck, just look at this list on reddit

I would be lost at Wakarusa without my basket.
Other items
TOILET PAPER.  In theory, there should always be some in the porta-potties, but that's not always the case.
Wet-Naps or similar pre-moistened personal cleaning wipes
Waterproof pancho.  They're cheap.  Get them at the dollar store.  Keep one in your pocket.  It's Wakarusa.  It will rain.  (Panchos > umbrellas, which are a pain in the butt to carry and keep up with)
First Aid kit.  REALLY.
Extra water.
Extra clothes.  Pack more than you need.  If wet socks bother you, pack a dozen pairs.
Water boots.
A carryall. My carryall for festival is a wicker picnic basket.  Yes, I'm the girl with the basket.  That basket contains my water and small snacks, V8 juice, festival schedule and whatever I purchase while on festival grounds.  Your carryall may be a backpack, hip pack, over-the-shoulder bag, whatever.
Purses aren't that great of an idea.

For tribes (groups camping together)
Totems are common throughout the festival, and a member of your party can carry one so the others can find you on the grounds.  That being said, totems in the concert venues can be a pain in the butt for other festivalgoers.  Show proper courtesy.  Don't block someone else's view.

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