Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Escaping to Grace Cottage, a Place Near Hope.

I'm always on for finding a new place to stay.  Usually, it's in the course of my day job, which is finding cool places to stay, play and eat wherever I go.  But this time around, I'm going to tell you about a place where I like to relax.

It's a quaint little 1920s style bungalow ensconced within one of Arkansas's most beloved state parks. Its wide L-shaped porch with its double porch swing is welcoming and lovely.

This is Grace Cottage.

Run by Josh and Jaimie Williams, the yellow and white home sits at the corner of Carroll and Izard within Historic Washington State Park.  The park itself is just six miles northwest of Hope.  My friend Alicia can tell you all about Historic Washington.

There are a lot of reasons I like the place. It reminds me of both of my sets of
grandparents and the places they called home, in houses without hallways
(a bungalow style hallmark), with interconnecting rooms and with period
furnishings of another time.  Note the cabinet TV (yes, it works!) and cabinet
stereo in the living room.
The airy bedrooms let in all sorts of light.  The two bedrooms are connected
by a full bath.  No doors here - as was often done back in the day, privacy comes
from curtains.
Many of the rooms still feature the original hardwoods.  The front bedroom has
both a full and twin size bed, making it a good place to share with friends
or to bring your kids.
Heaven is in the details, and at Grace Cottage there are
afghans, quilts and other comfortable bedding for you
to use.

The cottage is packed with details, but still airy with plenty of room to move
around.  The floor plan makes it easy to keep the conversations going with
your friends while you chat around the dining room table or in the foyer.
And then there's the kitchen.  It's rare to find such a well-equipped kitchen within
a rental property, but this one has everything -- not just a full sized refrigerator
and stove but both casual and fine dinerware, pots, pans, and appliances. There's
plenty of coffee, too.
There's even a great set of cast iron cookware in case you
want to make breakfast.

Then again, Josh and Jaimie may also leave you cinnamon rolls for each day you
stay... and they are moist, huge and incredible.

Best of all, Grace Cottage is located in a quiet residential area, a perfect spot
to rest and relax.

If you'd like more information about Grace Cottage, check out the listing here.  

Hungry?  Williams Tavern Restaurant on-park serves classic south Arkansas fare for lunch each day. And in Hope, try Amigo Juan for good Mexican food.


  1. This is a great place to stay. It was nice to see you even briefly this weekend.

  2. Well, time for a getaway, I'd say. Even the kitchen (a place I'm constantly in, working) looks inviting.


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