Friday, May 29, 2015

30 Biscuits Found in Arkansas.

On a blue-rimmed plate, under a slosh of gravy or stuffed with breakfast protein, Arkansas has its fair share of biscuits  To celebrate National Biscuit Day, here's a selection of some of those fluffy wonders.

The largest biscuits I have found have been at Meacham's Family Restaurant
in Ash Flat.  We're taking ridiculously large.

The Old South in Russellville still makes its own.

So does the Bellwood Diner in North Little Rock, though one of the biscuits
on this plate is a bit dark.

They're an important part of a delicious breakfast at Anne's Country Cafe in
Pine Bluff.

The handmade, crumbly biscuits at Stoby's (in Conway and Russellville) are
often overlooked but are really marvelous, especially with some housemade
strawberry jam.

You can make a meal out of biscuits and cream gravy at the Shady Corner
Cafe in Hot Springs.

Biscuits are part of the topography for most breakfasts at the Frontier Diner
in Little Rock.

And in Weiner, you can get your big flat biscuit creamed good at Penny's Place.

Hard to find the biscuit under a cover of thick sausage gravy at Kitchen's
Corner Cafe and Grocery in Heth.

The ones at Buddy's Hawg House Cafe in Murfreesboro are great for sopping
up just about anything.

They come with a good flour gravy and anything else you can imagine at
Jimmy's Diner in Benton.

I know people who swear by biscuits and sausage gravy at Susan's Restaurant
in Springdale.

You can't beat a good biscuit breakfast sandwich at Skinny's White Spot
in Fort Smith.

B-Side in Little Rock makes a Biscuit Mountain, topping a goodly biscuit with
egg, gravy and sausage.

At the famed Ozark Cafe in Jasper, the gravy of choice is chocolate, and the
biscuits are pliant.

In Paragould, biscuits are tall and fluffy at Couch's Barbecue.

Calico County in Fort Smith offers theirs with chocolate gravy, and it's just massive.

You don't have to settle for biscuits with breakfast at Dave and Ray's Downtown
Diner in Little Rock -- biscuits come with lunch, too.

At JJ's Cafe in Lake Village, you can have biscuits, gravy and toast.

The recipe for biscuits at the Cliff House Inn near Jasper comes from an old
cookbook, and they're square there.

One Eleven at the Capital also uses a heritage recipe, and its biscuits are
equally square.

They're dippable at the Front Page Cafe in Jonesboro.

Brave New Restaurant in Little Rock understands the necessity of a good biscuit
as the base for the perfect strawberry shortcake.

So does Eleven inside the world-famous Crystal Bridges Museum of American
Art in Bentonville.

The Broadway Rail Cafe in Prescott makes its gravy for biscuits so thick, you
can eat it with a fork... or turn it upside down like a concrete.

Cozy Kitchen in Mountain Home bakes theirs golden.
They're flattish at Sweet and Savory Cafe in Eureka Springs.

They're fluffy at the Log Cabin Restaurant near Rogers.

And at Tinkerbelle's Wildwood Bed and Breakfast in Hot Springs, they often
come filled and speckled with strawberries.

Gadwall's Grill even serves them up with a butter-rich chocolate gravy that
will make you happy.

Doesn't matter where you're from or where you're going, you'd be hard-pressed
not to find a good biscuit in your part of Arkansas.  What's your favorite?

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