Friday, May 20, 2011

Pieday: Strawberry ice box at Susan's Restaurant.

ANY TIME OF DAY:  Susans pies can be ordered at breakfast
  • ANY TIME OF DAY: Susan's pies can be ordered at breakfast
I can recall as a child big restaurants where you were seated at a table, where the waitresses would hover over you and touch your shoulder when they talked with you, where there was always a big round case full of cake and pie slices. You don’t find too many of those any more, but you can find one on the main drag in Springdale.
Susan’s Restaurant feels like the kind of family restaurant you want to sit up straight in, eat your green beans and behave your best so you can earn one of those pie slices.

Mind you, seems like every time I darken the door at Susan’s I’m there for breakfast. It is one of the better breakfasts I’ve found in northwest Arkansas. Part of that has to do with the Chili and Cheese Omelet ($6.29). I’m a sucker for a good omelet but so often have to pass because the options will be ham, bacon or sausage. The beef chili inside this particular omelet contains beans, onions, peppers and lots of tomatoes. I’m totally cool with that, especially with the cheese blend that’s melty all through. Ah, pardon me, I started to drool there.
Portions are relatively large at Susan’s… take, for example, a half order of biscuits and gravy. Big hunks of sausage gravy over two fluffy biscuit halves for $1.99 (a full order is double for $3.19). Enough to satisfy the average diner for breakfast.
And then there are the O’Brien Potatoes, which if you have them as a breakfast side will cost you another 79 cents. They’re worth it. Big hunks of potato sautéed up with peppers, onions, black pepper and salt. They’re filling and delicious and should not be missed.
But I was going to talk with you about pie. Doesn’t matter that I’ve never been able to get to Susan’s for anything but breakfast (oh, did I mention that Susan’s serves breakfast until 2 p.m.?) — pie is available any time there’s a pie in the cabinet. Which is always. There’s chocolate and coconut meringues, cherry pie and whatever else happens to be in there at the time. Last visit there was a lovely strawberry icebox pie. It was the lightest whipped cream on top dusted with graham cracker on a graham cracker crust — with a light whipped and frosty filling of cream and strawberries, fresh Arkansas strawberries with that tart bite you only get when they’re fresh. Thing is, strawberry icebox pie is only available in the spring at Susan’s; it’s seasonal. When I placed my order and asked the waitress who came and touched my shoulder what’s normally available, she told me that — and that peach pie would be coming in late May. Aw, yeah.
You’ll find Susan’s Restaurant at 1440 West Sunset Avenue (Highway 412) in Springdale. (479) 751-1445 — and it’s open every day.

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