Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Pizza and a Smile at Rocky's Corner in Hot Springs.

Great food can be found across the street at Rocky’s Corner.  This longstanding Italian eatery has delighted residents and visitors alike for generations. Let's take a look.
This video shares the story.

The original Rocky’s Corner opened on Park Avenue in 1970. It was run by the Diorio and Simonovich families, both of which had moved to Hot Springs from Chicago.  Its original location was in a small take-out stand, where Bailey’s Dairy Treats is located today.  Rocky’s Corner moved into the building across from Oaklawn in 1982, where it has remained ever since.

One of its most famous customers was Virginia Clinton Kelley.  Her son gained some renown over the years. You may remember him.

Rocky’s specializes in Chicago-style fare.  It has a rather good Italian beef sandwich and serves up Vienna beef hot dogs.

It’s not uncommon to see a lot of people crowded around a table – Rocky’s is used to groups, and its waitstaff brings out cans to place the pizzas on so they don’t take up so much table space.

On our latest visit, Grav and I tried the Pizza Bianca, the white pizza.  Unlike a regular pizza where tomato sauce hits the dough, this dough is rubbed in garlic butter, then covered in Alfredo sauce.  It’s then topped with parmesan and
mozzarella cheeses, seasonings and your choice of chicken, spinach or both.  It’s mild,  mellow and hearty, real Italianesque comfort food.

If you get the Pizza Bianca, I would suggest asking for a cup of the
marvelous, rich and chunky marinara to go with it.  It’s a great dip and a lovely addition.

You’ll find Rocky’s Corner at 2600 Central Avenue in Hot Springs. Learn more about this restaurant at its website.

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