Thursday, July 7, 2011

Market time at Fleur Delicious

SWEET ONIONS:  At the Fleur Delicious Farmers Market
  • SWEET ONIONS: At the Fleur Delicious Farmers Market
Fleur Delicious has kicked off here in Eureka Springs. Been running around today sampling and savoring flavors all across town.
The big to-do started with the cutting of the French bread ribbon at 10 a.m. at the Eureka Springs Farmers Market. The Market itself was full of great and tasty things — French and blue fingerling potatoes, big softball size peaches, non-cow-tipped beef, several tents of baked goods, fresh flowers, squash and zucchini, sweet onions, fresh herbs and tomatoes. There was a great rackensack style folk band hamming it up and breaking it down for the crowd.
Chef Dave Gilderson of The Grand Taverne
Chef Dave Gilderson came out from The Grand Taverne to do a special demonstration. He whipped up seared scallops with lobster butter (he demonstrated how to make that lobster butter, yum!) and took red and purple fingerling potatoes, fresh herbs and fresh eggs purchased at the market itself to whip up potato cakes. Lovely!
There’s much more on the way. I’m going to be heading over to DeVito’s here in a few minutes to shoot the signature martinis of the event, then over to Caribe for a reception for artist Robert Norman. Still haven’t decided which of the great restaurant deals I’ll check out for dinner tonight, but there are so many. You here in Eureka Springs, too? Planning to come this way? Check out the event website for all sorts of great things going on.

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