Friday, March 25, 2011

Pieday: PCP at Ed and Kay's.

This restaurant has closed.

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? How about with a piece of pie? I've had my share of pies from Ed and Kay's Restaurant down in Benton over the years — and have consumed many a piece of Mile High Pie goodness.

I'd sent my morning show folks at Today's THV down there to do a live show one morning during our Coffeeshop Stops — I believe this was back in February 2007 — and they'd come back with a whole bunch of pies. It was after nine in the morning. I was taking a break from scheduling guests and getting the next day's show set up and needed coffee. There were all these boxes, and I just couldn't resist the pies. But one of them... well, one of them didn't have meringue on it.

I cut myself a piece and put it on a napkin, poured myself some coffee and went and sat down. It looked a lot like pecan pie, and I had expected a similar flavor. What I experienced was amazement. This strong sweet flavor of pineapple came through. It had an amazing coconut texture. And the pecan... well, it gave the whole affair substance.

I remember going back and setting aside a piece in the breakroom fridge for the next night. I'd cut it, thinking to take it home to the hubster so he could try it before remembering he's allergic to coconut.
Talk about a pie you fall in love with... Ed and Kay's PCP is my choice for this week's Pieday.

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