Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Arkansauce is out.

The inaugural issue of Arkansauce, the Journal of Arkansas Foodways is out. The University of Arkansas Libraries’ special collections department production, guest edited by Rex Nelson (himself the proud writer of the Southern Fried Blog) contains lots of neat and interesting articles. Today's release from the University shares this: "Arkansauce is a mix of popular and semi-scholarly articles, heavily illustrated with original documents, drawings and photographs. It focuses on topics such as food history, nutrition, cooking, customs, table manners, chefs, food producers and production, restaurants, cookbooks, recipes, menus for both ordinary and special occasions, the culinary heritage of minority groups, immigrants, and specific geographic regions of Arkansas, as well as food-related poetry, mythology, and literature."
You can get yours for free... drop a line and request yours. More information on the University's website.

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