Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Neat and cool: Cake pops from This Cake Pops!

MATCHED PAIR:  Wedding cake pops from This Cake Pops!
  • MATCHED PAIR: Wedding cake pops from This Cake Pops!
What’s that there? That, my friends, is the latest craze in the world of desserts. Those are cake pops.
It’s a simple idea… take a ball of cake, cover it in some sort of frosting or fondant and serve it up — a single serving of sweetness just for you, the perfect size to dine on.
The idea has suddenly caught on and spread like wildfire. I noticed this weekend that Starbucks is offering its version. But I can pretty much guarantee they’re not as pretty as these examples from This Cake Pops!, the work of Fort Smith cake pop maker Michelle Tucker. I discovered her work through Details Weddings and Events, which recently hosted a giveaway of the pops. They were so cute, I just had to find out more.
Michelle’s Cake Pops are something else. They come in just about any flavor you want — she does chocolate, yellow, white, red velvet… and somehow, the cake packs a more powerful punch. I tried the red velvet cake version and was blown away by the strong pack of flavor.
They’re also pretty easy on the waistline — if you limit just how many you have. Each cake pop is one point on the Weight Watchers scale. Not bad, not bad.
But the true allure of cake pops is in what you can do with them. Michelle’s been making up some fabulous pops — for instance, Steelers logoed pops for the Super Bowl and heart shaped pops for Valentine’s Day. She makes the cutest Razorback pops with little red razors on the back and the prominent snout. Wedding sets include white pops with pearls and black tie pops. She’s currently whipping up Easter egg pops, which are cute.
And there’s Colton’s Frogs, the little green frog pops named after her son Colton. Considering the age, I had to let Hunter sample this one for me. Of course, she went for the face first. And once she’d consumed the frog she wanted ALL the cake pops. Hunter is obviously a fan.
If you’re interested, these cake pops come $15 for a dozen regular pops and $20 for a dozen deluxe pops (like the Razorback — and those that require a lot more labor in the decoration). I’m thinking they’d be ideal for birthday parties and maybe even wedding favors. They keep in the fridge for up to two weeks… hm… 12 pops over two weeks… (evil food-consumption thoughts go here).
To reach Michelle, give her a call at (501) 920-1351 oremail her. She also has a Facebook fan page to check out.

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