Friday, March 18, 2011

Pieday: Sugar cookie cherry at Ed's Custom Bakery.

MY MY MY:  Cherry pie from Eds Custom Bakery
I’ve talked with you before about Ed’s Custom Bakery, haven’t I? Oh, then I have been remiss. Lots of folks know about the pastries you can get from the popular Conway bakery. But did you know the folks there also make a mean cherry pie?
There’s something about the crust they use at Ed’s that just makes it… different. It’s like a sugar cookie crust, sprinkled with more sugar over a nice tart cherry filling. This is the perfect pie for whipped cream.
It’s not their only pie. They do many others… I particularly like their coconut meringue. They also have a pungent lemon meringue that deserves more than a mention — it almost deserves its own category. It’s strong, very strong, but not so tart as to totally whip your head around. And it’s bright — have you ever seen a brighter lemon custard in a pie?
Then again, you’re probably wondering why I’m not talking about the pastries and the breads. It is true, I am a huge fan of the butter flake and pocketbook rolls. I dig the Tollhouse cookies, the sandies and the Smilies. But my real weakness is the doughnuts… cake doughnuts in a variety of flavors. I’m set with a cup of coffee and a glazed cake doughnut… but watch Hunter with a sprinkled cake doughnut… oh, that’s funny.
Ed’s Custom Bakery is located at 256 Oak Street. You can contact them at (501) 327-2996 or check out their Facebook fan page.

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