Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Quick Bite: Victoria's Cafe and Bistro, Rogers.

This restaurant has closed.

I spied this little cafe tucked into a row of businesses in downtown Rogers on a Friday night, just a half block from the Rogers Little Theater.  I had been walking, heading down to the park to take in dinner at The Rail, but this small storefront caught my eye and its OPEN neon intrigued me.

Twilight was just starting to fall when I crossed the street and went through the door.  There weren't many people inside, just a couple of full booths and a couple at the bar.  The lady at the bar indicated I could sit where I liked.

The interior was nicely done, a bit eclectic-hipster pop in design, with a painted metal ceiling and a split story back.  I could see what appeared to be a pool table on the upper level, and there was a kitchen at the back out lower.

I asked if they were still serving -- it was about 7:40 on a Friday, and I thought I saw a sign that said they closed at 8 p.m.  I was told sure, they'd still serve me.

For some reason, it took a while to get a menu.  I waited about 10 minutes before I flagged the attention of the barkeep and asked about a menu.  She brought it to me and apologized -- apparently one of the waitpersons had quit the cafe's employ and they were understaffed.

The menu seemed pretty robust -- several burgers, a goodly number of salads and sandwiches and quiche.  My eye was drawn to the quiche, especially to the Sea Side -- a crabmeat and artichoke heart version.  Okay, what the heck.

While I waited for my order, the barkeep brought me tea and water and I caught up on messages that had piled up through my day.  My quiche came out quickly (of course, quiche being what it is, it probably just needed a warm-up).  Along with it was a few red grapes, a single red grape tomato, a roll (mentioned in the menu as Hy-Bread) and a pile of pink coleslaw.

Now, I'd opted for that slaw instead of a green salad (oregano vinaigrette sounded just dreadful, truthfully) and I'm glad I did.  Listed as "California chop salad," this sweet offering was a combination of purple cabbage, carrots, green cabbage, dried fruit and strawberries in what tasted to be a sweet strawberry vinaigrette.  It was very light and a little sour, bright and festive.

The quiche really got my attention, though.  The crabmeat was likely Krab (the crab-flavored product you get to snack on at the grocery store) but it worked in this application, especially with the sharp, tart artichoke hearts.  It was both savory and sweet, yet still fit the desire I'd had for a light meal.

The Hy-Bread roll, though, was something else, moist and pliant with a good substance and heft, served with real butter.  I will have to try these again.

I didn't try the brownies, but oh, they look scrumptious.
I left right at eight on the dot quite satisfied, yet not overweighed by my repast.  I'll have to check Victoria's Cafe Bistro out again next time I'm in Rogers, perhaps to check out some live music at this venue.  It's prominent on the restaurant's Facebook page, which I found later.

You'll find Victoria's Cafe Bistro on Walnut Street in downtown Rogers, a half-block from the Daisy Airgun Museum.  It's open for lunch every day and for dinner Thursday-Saturday.

Victoria's Cafe Bistro
113 W Walnut St
Rogers, Arkansas 72756
(479) 246-0100

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  1. I live right in Lowell and have never eaten there. I'll have to check it out.

  2. I've never been there either, Sarah! Thanks for the review, Kat.

  3. I've never seen a slaw like that! Looks yummy!

  4. I don't live there and have never eaten there but that quiche looks mighty good!

  5. I want one of those brownies! And the quiche looks tasty too.

  6. It's an easy place to miss. You really have to look for it.


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