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Things you didn't know about Gaston's White River Resort.

We all know Gaston’s White River Resort in Lakeview is a premiere fishing destination for anglers and fishing enthusiasts all over the United States.  But you may have wondered a few things about the destination itself.  I found out some neat facts about the place from Jim Gaston himself.

So, why are the cabins at Gaston’s pink?

Well, there’s a long story to that.  When my dad bought the resort -- six boats and six cottages -- it was painted pink.  A few years later I moved down here.  My dad had passed away and to be very honest the financial situation wasn’t good at all.  So we grew slow, and every time I would build a cottage, quite frankly I didn’t have the money to back up and paint all the others so each one got painted pink.  When you’re in your twenties you really don’t think about the color.

Sunrise over the White River from Gaston's back yard.
I take it that you had a hard start with the resort.  How’d you get out ahead?

I made a list of everyone I owed money and took it to everybody -- and they knew what I owed them, but they could see what I owed other people.  I broke that down on how much I could pay them per month and ask them to be patient with me -- and they did, which surprised me but not near as much looking back. that people would have that much faith in somebody in their 20s.  I learned a lesson from that, that if you go to people and you tell them the truth and you do what you say you’re going to do, they’ll work with you and support you.

Gaston’s uses a motto, “It costs no more to go first class.”  Where did that come from?

When I started out in business, a cottage anywhere would rent for about five dollars.  Then if you wanted sheets it was a dollar extra, air conditioning a dollar extra and so on.  I packaged everything together and charged $10 so there’d be nothing to add on.  That’s how I came up with the motto.

Why are there peacocks at Gaston’s?

I’m a real history buff.  A while back my wife and I were at Monticello, and down the road from there was Madison’s house, and they have peacocks and I just fell in love with them.  There are several varieties of peacock… the white ones are to me unique.

Inside the restaurant.
What’s your favorite dish at the resort’s restaurant?

My favorite dish is the broiled trout.  Just the plain broiled trout.

Where’s your favorite place to fish?

My favorite place to fish is down below on our nature trail close by.  I carry my camera equipment with me.  Whether I catch a fish or not doesn’t matter.  It’s nice to get away from day to day duties.

What’s your favorite bait?

I like using spinner bait for trout.  I find it enjoyable.

What do you do for fun? 

My hobbies are passionate photography.  I had some surgery a few years ago, and I was telling my wife if I got out of that okay we were going to start traveling.  We went to Ireland, Germany, China.  We’re leaving for Russia July 7th.  I love Nature photography but I also love history and I’ve really been going overboard for the past couple of months trying to learn everything I can about Russia, so once I get over there I have an understanding of the culture.  When I went to China I took a little over 2000 pictures, those and two little bottles of soy sauce were my souvenirs.

Hundreds arrive each year at Gaston's by airplane.

Final thoughts?

Life’s been good to me.  Arkansas has been good to me.  As long as I get up every day, it’s a good day.

For more information, check out the website for Gaston's White River Resort.

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  1. This is a wonderful place. My husband and I have spent many Thanksgivings there. I really enjoyed this post. Brought back some great memories.


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