Saturday, August 8, 2015

Quick Bite at The Filling Station in Eureka Springs.

I'm a sucker for a good breakfast.  You would be too, if you traveled like I did.  Heck, who needs travel to appreciate a fantastic meal of the day?

If you're looking for a reasonably priced place to grab a bite in the morning hours in Eureka Springs, you might go ahead and give The Filling Station a shot.

The former Pancakes and More location was taken over by the folks who own the Roadhouse out east on Highway 62, and as one of the waitresses told me today, "they made a great Pancake-Roadhouse baby."

A Saturday morning at 10 a.m. is a guaranteed busy time for any good restaurant up here, and The Filling Station is no exception.  The parking lot up top was packed with motorcycles, while the lower lot in the back was filled with cars.

Inside, there was a small wait, but not too long.  The restaurant is wall-to-wall in booths in different configurations, with everything from two-tops to eight tops.  The decor is typical 50s road Americana, with plenty of
old gas station signs, kid toys and such on the walls.

I was handed a menu on being seated, and
informed that the breakfast buffet was $7.99.  The menu is brief, with omelets and pancakes and egg-and-meat options.  The vegetable omelet looked like a good choice and it was also $7.99, so I went with that.

While I waited, I heard plenty of conversation.  From what I gathered, many of the riders in their gorgeous black leathers were in from a group in Jonesboro, and they had come across on US Highway 412.  There were families with kids that were remarkably well behaved, and several couples of varying ages celebrating whatever they'd come to Eureka Springs to celebrate.

My coffee was delivered just how I like it -- black, steamy, way too hot to drink.  It gives me time to inhale the aroma, take a moment to look at the world and get my head on straight.  It was very, very hot.  I can't emphasize that enough!

The service seemed to move quickly and comfortably along.  Each order came up with the ding of a bell, plates would be delivered, receipts dropped by and taken
care of at the register up front, and a quick bussing of each table started the process over again.

I didn't have to wait too long to receive my plate -- which was quite full.  The vegetable omelet was stuffed with quickly sauteed spinach, tomatoes, peppers, onions and a bit of cheese.  The hashbrowns were pretty average but the biscuits, covered in cream gravy, were a treat.  I'd expected
half that size an order!  Sausage gravy is also available, and you can have grits instead of hashbrowns or a pancake instead of the biscuit and gravy.

The meal was extraordinarily satisfying, and I was allowed to linger over it and observe other customers and the strange and unique things about the restaurant (such as the clear acrylic fans overhead) without
anyone bothering me.  My waitress made sure my coffee stayed hot, and she checked back on me to make sure I had everything I needed.

I did notice there's a whiteboard behind the cash register that offers daily desserts -- today's included coconut meringue pie, bread pudding and peach bread pudding.  Lunch and dinner is also offered.

The Filling Station Restaurant
2055 East Van Buren
Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632
(479) 253-6015

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