Tuesday, March 24, 2015

El Dorado Creamery Offers Great Sweet Treats.

Headed to L.A. this Spring Break?  Here, L.A. stands for Lower Arkansas, and its epicenter is El Dorado. And for ice cold creamy treats, El Dorado Creamery is the stop you need to make.

When it comes time to cool off for the day, head to the new El Dorado Creamery. Unlike old fashioned ice cream shops, there is no formal menu.  Instead, you’re in charge of your own creation – from the frozen yogurt you choose to the toppings you add, and everything’s weighed by the ounce.

El Dorado Creamery was opened in September 2013.  It’s tied to its sister eatery, PJ’s Coffee, and there’s a meeting space in-between.  You can actually visit both places without stepping outside.

Within El Dorado Creamery, the d├ęcor is modern with green walls and green and white tables and chairs for you to use.  At any time, there are twelve different flavors to choose from.  Those flavors rotate, so in addition to traditional chocolate and vanilla, you can have such choices as Red Velvet Cake, Girl Scout Thin Mint, Salted Caramel Popcorn, Toffee, Greek Black Cherry, Apple Pie, Orchard Cherry, Island Banana, Key Lime, Strawberry Kiwi Sorbet, Pomegranate Raspberry Sorbet and Chocolate Fudge Sorbet.  The sorbets don’t include dairy and they’re gluten free, which means you can find something for almost anyone with allergies. Best of all, the flavors are changed out pretty regularly, so you can try something new every time you go in.

There are also a whole lot of toppings you can add from the topping bar, from whipped cream and cherries to gummi bears and crushed cookies, Whoppers, candy of all sorts, shredded coconut, nuts, granola, dried fruit and chocolate chips.  You can even have cereal on your frozen yogurt!

El Dorado Creamery opens every day at noon.  You’ll find it across from the courthouse on the downtown square. For more information, call (870) 875-1409 or check out the El Dorado Creamery Facebook page.

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