Thursday, October 31, 2019

Godsey's Grill Songbird Smokes Some Excellent Wings.

A trip to Jonesboro could include these excellent, full sized chicken wings, if you find yourself ready to dine on the north side of town. The Godsey's burger is pretty decent, too. I just miss the peanut butter pie.

Folks started hitting me up to go cover Godsey's Grill even before my first book. And when I went to collect all the magnificent pies around the state of Arkansas, you bet I grabbed a slice of that peanut butter pie to include.

But things have changed. Godsey's Grill opened a second location along Johnson Avenue on the northeast side of Jonesboro and eventually moved out of its downtown location. There have been menu changes and additions, but now there's no more peanut butter pie and that makes me a bit sad.

I will, however, gladly stop in any time for the delectable smoked chicken wings. I'm so used to fried and grilled wings that getting some good smoked wings is a real treat. The ones at Godsey's Grill are meaty, and the smoke flavor deserves not to be covered up. That being said, they're also offered tossed in a sauce or dry rub. I prefer mine with just a touch of honey mustard for dipping, nothing more. Makes my day.

Godsey's also does a fine selection of crazy burgers - such as the super hot Sriracha Burger, a Sriracha infused hamburger patty topped with pepper jack, Swiss, bacon, caramelized red onions, tomato, and blue Sriracha sauce. There's also the Pig Sooie burger with an ample amount of Hog Wild Dip (sausage, bacon and pulled pork mixed with cream cheese and spices), barbecue sauce, fries and jalapenos.

There's also my favorite, the Red Wolf Chili Burger, which from the onset doesn't look like much more than an onion ring clad burger, but when you pick up the top, you can see all the crazy inside, with the corn and chili and red onion tucked into the onion ring container on top, and the cheese melted into the burger. So amazing.

But at the heart, every burger starts with the Godsey Burger, which is just a regular burger made from fresh ground beef, cooked to order (yes, even rare), topped with whatever you like but normally attended with just tomato, pickle, onion, lettuce and mayo. A good, sturdy burger. 

And there are meatless options, too. The Vegetarian wrap is packed with artichoke hearts, spring mix, black olives, onion, bell pepper, tomatoes, cheese and a nice pesto mayo in a red tortilla flat. Pretty satisfying even without the meat.

Godsey's Grill is definitely worth a stop-in, even if the joint no longer offers that peanut butter pie. I hear the pineapple upside down cake sundae is a real winner. You can find the restaurant at 3800 East Johnson Avenue, northeast of Arkansas State University. For more information or to order, call (870) 336-0280 or visit the website.

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