Tuesday, January 19, 2016

117 Things Found Inside The New Natural Grocers in Little Rock.

Natural Grocers opens in Little Rock with a store on Rodney Parham Road. My curiosity being what it is, I set out to see what was inside.  Come see.

I received information about the opening back in December. After seeing interest in other stories I've recently posted with the idea of showing you what's inside places, I asked if I could come in before the store opened and see what they had. And this is what I discovered

The location is practically TARDISian in nature, appearing to be larger on the inside.  Its neat meticulously arranged shelves are packed with all sorts of stuff in alphabetical order.

Hands of ginger.
Cabbage.  All these are organic, by the way.
These cool squash.
Also these cool squash.
All sorts of supplements.  In fact, finding supplements at Natural Grocers is pretty easy, since, they're all sorted and shelved by what they are, not by their brands.  These here are all calcium supplements.
Flax oil.
Coconut milk ice cream.
Fresh pickles.
Goat milk ice cream.
Dairy free desserts.
Organic yogurt.
Frozen mushrooms.
Meat substitutes.
Cheeses.  All the dairy products at Natural Grocers are hormone and cruelty-free.
Old Croc, an Australian cheese.
Authentic artisanal vegan non-dairy organic handcrafted cheese.
Indian food.
Uncured frankfurters.
Hormone free organicly raised fresh meats.
Frozen hormone free meats.
Way Better black bean corn tortilla chips.
Naan pizza.
Gluten free breads.
Fair trade chocolates.
Eggs from pasture raised chickens.
Seventh Generation organic household cleaning products.
Gadgets of all sorts.
So many teas.
Bulk grains, spices and other products.
Candied mango slices.
Raw honey.
Whole coriander seeds.
So many spices.
Epic chicken stuff.
Epic organic animal jerkys.
Almond butter.
Protein breakfast smoothies.
Salad dressings.
Coconut oil.
Barbecue sauces and mustards.
Roasted red peppers.
Asparagus and beans in jars.
Sun ripened tomatoes.
Wild sardines.
Protein bars.
Potato chips.
Nut butters.
Chocolate covered rice cakes.
Naan chips.
Sunflower seeds.  All the seeds and nuts are kept refrigerated so there's no rancid nut oil going on.
Pumpkin seeds.
Organic microwave popcorn.
So much bread.
Hemp bread.
Kale chips.
Nut mix.
Black bean chips.

Potato samosas.
Chorizo sausage breakfast burritos.
Snack packs for lunch with uncured ham.
Lemon gluten-free cookies.
Sea salt brownies.
Gluten-free cheesecakes.
Chia pods.
Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.
Gluten-free dairy-free Persian lime tart.
Waters of all sorts.
Mountain Valley Natural Spring Water from Hot Springs.
Hubert's Lemonade.
Yerba Mate in a can.
Cold brew concentrated coffee.
Sea salt coconut oil chips.
Gin-Gins (great for bellyaches!).
Organic jelly beans.
Organic chocolate truffles.
Stone ground organic chocolate.
Rice chips.
Nursing pads.
Underarm pads.
Soap for EVERYONE.
Organic makeup.
Organic body products.
Organic teeth cleaning stuff.
Bar None.
Travel sized stuff.
Travel accessories.
Beeswax candles.
Loofa scrubbies.
Mustard soak baths.
Echinacea foaming baths.
Essential oils.
Dried cranberries.
More awesome pears.
Teas and coffees in bottles.
Virgil's Cream Soda.
Mountain Valley Blackberry-Pomegranate Sparkling Spring Water.
Sushi making supplies.
Pickled plums.
Rice noodles.
Spaghetti sauce.
Natural honey.

One more thing... about the hours on the door.  I was curious why a place would close at a strange time like 9:04.  Turns out one of the original owners of the grocery store group, Margaret Isley, hated to turn people out at closing time.  The odd time is just to point out that even if the store hours are over, you won't be shoved out the door.  I like that.

Opening day line.
If you'd like more information about Natural Grocers, please check out the website.

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