Friday, January 8, 2016

137 Things Found at Central Station Flea Market in Hot Springs.

Like flea markets? Love antiques? The Central Station Flea Market in Hot Springs is jam packed with all sorts of neat and nifty nabobs, cool crafts, swinging souvenirs and a variety of vintage items. Take a look inside.

Grav and I spent an hour taking photographs and finding all sorts of cool, crazy and eclectic items around the Central Station Flea Market on a Monday in December.  This oversized resale and collectibles palace sits half a mile a couple of miles south of Oaklawn off Central Avenue, and it's a great place to duck into between the races or on any Arkansas vacation to the area.

Here are 137 (or so) different items we found within.  Check out the video, and explore below to get a better look at each item.

If you'd like to learn more about Central Station Flea Market, check out this Facebook page.


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