Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On our need for bread and milk.

JUST ADD MILK:  The bread aisle awaits you at Kroger.
  • JUST ADD MILK: The bread aisle awaits you at Kroger.
I'm managing to survive what is attempting to turn into a chest cold right now, but even if I was up to par chances are I wouldn't be venturing out this afternoon. Still, I will be sending the hubster to the grocery store in a bit to grab another gallon of milk. After all, we have a toddler who's going through half a gallon a day right now.
For Central Arkansas, it looks like a lot of rain and THEN a freeze. Some of my contacts on the Western Wall are reporting roads of slush and fear the coming cold will ice them in for days. I'm sure out that way the bread aisles are desolate now, just a few loaves of random squished bread left behind.
I am, of course, over-exaggerating. Still, this month has seemed to be rather packed with bread-and-milk panics. I used to laugh about this sort of thing, back when we were lucky to go through a gallon of milk a week between the two of us. These days I sort of understand... I comprehend the need for these items, but not the adrenaline rush or the store-bound anxiety.
As posted on Twitter this morning, I would certainly patronize any grocery store that offered bread and milk up front, rather than requiring trips back to separate corners of the store. Almost all of them do this; it's a marketing plan, guaranteed to tie down all but the most diligent consumer to grab other items on the way back to the check-out line. I'm so guilty of falling for this ploy I've gone to utilizing the handbasket, under the idea that I won't buy more than I can hold. It's a promising theory. It doesn't always hold.
Anyway, more ramblings about the Arkansawyer reaction to winter weather over on Tie Dye Travels.
UPDATE: Well, I can really brag on my local Kroger. KNWA has photos of naked shelves at an area Wal-Mart Supercenter.

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