Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Great Arkansas Restroom Hunt.

Coming off the heels of the success of Another Slice of Arkansas Pie, I've decided to move on to my next project and book, The Handy Book of Arkansas Restrooms. Take a sneak peek inside.

**Though this started off as an April Fool's posting, the surprising amount of approval may bring this book to fruition. Eventually.

My job takes me to all corners of the state of Arkansas. And because that job requires eating and drinking incredible vittles The Natural State has to offer, it's also afforded me the prime opportunity to seek out and explore new restrooms and new situations throughout its 75 counties, including the most basic of necessities. Thanks to those miles and those meals, I've been able to compile an incredible list of more than 400 restrooms, bathrooms, rest stops and other facilities where one can relieve themselves across Arkansas.

The project, which should be complete in time to plan your summer vacation, will culminate with a handy book perfect for your glove compartment; a series of social media videos showcasing some of the best places to excuse oneself in each of the major regions; a newcomers' guide to the art of the sit-and-squat in our more rural areas; and a convenient app you can download to help you find all the best places to stop along our highways and byways.

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In the new book, The Handy Book of Arkansas Restrooms: A Guide to the Best Restaurants, Rest Areas, Truck Stops and Outhouses for Doing Your Business in The Natural State, you'll find great places to go, including:

  • Arkansas Welcome Centers, where you can always find a friendly smile and plenty of information, along with clean restroms.
  • Restaurants, the perfect places for a stop before or after your meal (complete with handwashing guide).
  • Classic Outhouses of the Ozarks and Arkansas River Valley and where to pick up a roll before you drop by.
  • Public buildings with easy access, including hours and accessibility.
  • Government facilities that don't require an ID for passage.
  • Convenience stores and gas stations with sparkling reviews.

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This full-color, comprehensive book is sure to become the most important travel guide in your possession. Advance orders are being taken now. Delivery is expected the last week of May, just in time for summer. For more information, check out

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  1. Sorely needed. I'm on the road a lot and so many places look like c^ap.

  2. Please check out An Enchanting Evening’s Winery ‘Out Yurt’! You read that correctly, it is one of the most photographed restrooms in Arkansas based upon it’s unique design in a Yurt!

  3. Check out An Enchanting Evening Winery ‘Out Yurt’. Located outside of Little Rock on highway 300 - yes a restroom in a yurt and one of the most photographed places on the property. Come enjoy the wine tasting yurt and don’t miss a visit to the out yurt!


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