Thursday, September 28, 2023

Railroad Afficianados Love Stoby's of Russellville.

Russellville's longstanding cheese dip champ is also a railroad aficionado's dining destination. Stoby's, housed in a depot-style building with an actual Rock Island Rail car attached and its running model train overhead, is as steady and wonderful as it was in the 1980s and 90s. 

The menu is topped with The Stoby, a three meat, two cheese sandwich that's anything you make it - with ham, salami, bologna, roast beef and turkey to choose from, several types of cheese, and breads that include pita, croissant, sliced bread and sub rolls amongst its choices. The Stoby really is anything you want it to be, and there's even a smaller one if you'd just like two meats and one cheese instead.

The menu boasts an impressive list of sandwiches, including cranberry chicken, a thick Reuben, and an excellent smoked turkey sandwich that's served on a gigantic croissant, wider than your standard bread loaf and pliantly soft to boot. This sandwich comes dressed with lettuce, tomato and a combination of both mayo and a smoky dijon honey mustard, with a layer of cream cheese bo boot. Sandwiches come with Ruffles, Cheetoes or coleslaw, or you can pay an additional charge for fries.

Lunch fare also includes an impressive pile of barbecue nachos, a splendid selection of burgers (many topped with local favorite Petit Jean peppered bacon), an array of dinners and salads. 

It's the cheese dip, though, that has gained much notoriety over the years. Thick, mild and still somewhat light, this dip sticks to your chip like no other. 

The traditional yellow is a longtime favorite, but there's also a spicier white dip also available. Either will do well with the traditional thick round tortilla chips, or Ruffles or fries.

And then there are pies, cream-based pies that are notorious to the River Valley, in coconut and chocolate cream and the famed possum pie, which may have originated at another Russellville restaurant. Stoby's version adds a layer, with a vanilla custard alongside a chocolate custard in-between sweetened cream cheese and fluffy whipped cream and pecans sprinkled on top. 

Stoby's also offers a fine breakfast spread that includes an excellent variety of omelets and pancakes. Biscuits are super fluffy, and come with many breakfasts or are served on the side with chocolate gravy, an Arkansas specialty. Of note is the Train Wreck, a pile of hashbrowns covered with ham, bacon and sausage, topped with cheese and served with a side of gravy.

You'll find Stoby's at 405 West Parkway Drive in Russellville. For more information, call (479) 968-3816 or visit

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