Sunday, September 24, 2023

Quick Bites: B Street Bistro in Russellville.

Baked handpies, great coffee, and charcuterie - excellent things to share at this sweet little shop along Russellville's revitalized B Street make this a great destination to visit with friends.

Downtown Russellville's beautiful regeneration has brought to life again a vibrant city center - where today, you can enjoy a savory knosh or sweet delight, alongside the River Valley's only choose-your-own-adventure avocado toast.

B Street Bakery stretches across three storefronts, where you can gaze through the glass as masterful cupcakes, cannoli and handpies are conjured, or sip a prime cup of coffee. Open Tuesday through Saturday for lunch, it offers a fine selection of panini and wraps, along with its trio of Doozys - grilled sandwiches of grilled chicken or Italian meats. It's easy to find yourself taking your time over one of these, or a salad,

for a mid-day escape with a cup of caramel hazelnut or white chocolate cold brew.

Those avocado toasts are a specialty, on your choice of rye, sourdough, whole grain or bagel, either classic or in an innovative reimagining, such as an Avocado Caprese with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and balsamic glaze, or Avocado Lox with smoked salmon and capers. 

Find yourself without the time to dither? B Street Bakery and Deli offers charcuterie packaged for your lunchable convenience, with salami, ham, nuts, fruit and cheeses in an easy-to-grab lunch. 

Delicate desserts of all sorts are always on hand, from tiny tartlet pies to two-bite cannoli, diminutive slices of cheesecake and chocolate cake and cupcakes, and brownies, too. The massive baked hand pies are almost enough to properly share, with a choice of traditional fillings like cherry, apple, and blueberry cream cheese. and a nice choice either as a breakfast pastry or to take back to the office after lunch. 

You'll find B Street Bakery and Bistro at

311 B Street in downtown Russellville. Check out the Facebook page or call (479) 324-0414 with advance orders.

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