Saturday, October 31, 2015

Scenes from the 5th Annual World Cheese Dip Championship.

Cheese dip.  Since documented as a bona fide Arkansas creation, natives of the state have started to truly celebrate the golden concoction.  Today, the Little Rock River Market Pavilion became the hub of this celebration, as (for the fifth time) competitors faced off to see who could create the best.

While Hunter and I judged upstairs, Grav Weldon captured the essence of this event in photos.

The event, originally scheduled for the 14th and 15th blocks of South Main around the Bernice Garden, was moved less than 24 hours prior to the event because of rain.  This didn't seem to deter cheese dip fans, who lined up for a block to get in the improvised event space at the Little Rock River Market Pavilion.

15 teams competed in amateur and professional categories.  I was one of the lucky judges that tried all those samples.  There were thick and thin versions, white and deep orange, with spinach and smoked beef and bacon and even avocado.  The variety was pretty good!  Hoping next year we'll get some folks from outside of Central Arkansas enjoying these great quesos.

The folks with Harmony Health Clinic, the beneficiaries of the proceeds from the event, provided aluminum pie tins for easy carrying - but many people brought their own.

The chips were provided by On The Border.

Each contender served their dip in a cup. Tacos 4 Life added a dusted chip.

Mama Chelle's did a Buffalo wing sauce version that stayed
in the cup, sorta like a concrete.

Amateur entry "That's What Cheese Said."

Queso de la Meggues.

Poblano goat cheese dip from Cafe @ Heifer.

Golden yellow dip from Mellow Mushroom.

A creamy white dip from The Fold.

A chunky vegetable dip from Queso Mama.

Shorty Smalls put smoked beef in this deep orange dip.

As Grav said, "a lively crowd."

Lost Forty topped its dup with Petit Jean Bacon.

A traditional yellow dip from One Cheesy Couple.

Classic yellow dip from world-famous Stoby's.

Even Santa had to get his dip on.

The Concheesetadors, previous WCDC winners, were back again.
Local group Whalefire performed.

Being Halloween, there were costumes, such as this "crybaby."

A Mad Hattress.

A devilled egg.

Music set the tune for the day.

There was a lot of decoration,

A lot of frivolity.

And of course, concheesetadors.

And the winners are: 
Big Dipper - 1st Place Professional:
Cafe Heifer

Big Dipper - 1st Place Amateur:

Little Dipper - Runner Up Professional:
Big Orange

Little Dipper - Runner Up Amateur:
That's What Cheese Said

People's Choice Awards - First Place Professional:
Cafe Heifer

People's Choice Awards - First Place Amateur:

People's Choice Awards - Second Place Professional:
Lost 40 Brewery

People's Choice Awards - Second Place Amateur:
Queso Mamas

Best Incorporation of a Meat Product - Professional:
Lost 40 Brewery

Best Incorporation of a Meat Product - Amateur:
Queso Mamas

Best Booth Theme and Overall Design - Professional:
Shorty Smalls

Best Booth Theme and Overall Design - Amateur:

Most Innovative and Original Cheese Dip - Professional:
Cafe Heifer

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