Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The 2015 Arkansas State Fair Food Preview.

Here it is, better than your Moment of Zen: it's your Afternoon of Wow in the form of this year's new foods at the Arkansas State Fair.  The 10 day event starts Friday off Roosevelt Road at the Arkansas State Fairgrounds in Little Rock.

Each year, the folks at the Arkansas State Fair hold a media preview to showcase the new foods at the Arkansas State Fair.  It's also an opportunity for members of the media to select the winners of the Tasty Tom awards, given for the best tasting and the most creative new foods offered at the Arkansas State Fair.

This year's selections included a whole lot of bacon -- from bacon wrapped Jo Jo potatoes to bacon wrapped Oreo cookies, bacon wrapped chicken and bacon wrapped sausage around jalapenos.  It's bacon-tastic.

There were also more fresh options, and several new options.  So, without further ado, here we go.

Arkansas's largest deep fried pickle on a stick.

Arnold Palmer - a blend of tea and lemonade.

This crazy concoction from Fried What? consisting of a Hershey's kiss in a brownie ball,
covered with chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter, rolled in bacon crumbs,
deep fried and served with ice cream.

Bacon-wrapped deep fried Jo Jo potatoes.

Deep fried sausage filled bacon wrapped jalapenos.

Bird dogs - deep fried chicken breast strips topped and served like a hot dog (bacon cheddar
and cheesy jalapeno versions shown).

Caramel apples and cotton candy.., oh what a treat.

Chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick (comes in regular and raspberry flavors).

Deep fried bacon wrapped Oreo cookies.

Deep fried cheeseburgers on a stick.

Deep fried peanut butter and bacon bombs.

The inside end of Arkansas's largest deep fried pickle.

Deep fried spaghetti and meatballs on a stick.

The original Elves' Peanut Patty from Texarkana... a real winner you can take home with you!

Fried catfish.

Fried chicken.

Fried gator on a stick.

Fried pickle spears in tempura batter.

Giant gravy-covered chicken fried steak.

Giant pulled pork sandwich.

Glazed meatballs and potatoes on a stick.

A tiny taco with jalapeno relish from Chetos.

Meme's chili.

Onion petals.

Paizi's gyros.

The Petit Jean Meats Big Dog is THIS BIG.

Pineapple whip. Grav couldn't wait.  Peach whips are a likely happening, too.

Pumpkin-filled (not pumpkin spice) funnel cakes.

Red Velvet covered deep fried Oreo cookies.

Sirloin burger.

The Big Dog from Petit Jean Meats, plain and dressed.

Turtle funnelcakes, this year's Tasty Tom winner for best tasting fair food.

And last but not least, praline pecans, chipotle glazed cashews and buffalo ranch pecans
from the Ozark Nut Company.

The Arkansas State Fair runs October 9-18 at the Arkansas State Fairgrounds in Little Rock.  Be sure to come back to Tie Dye Travels this Friday for the complete Arkansas State Fair Food Guide, your complete guide to everything you can eat at the Arkansas State Fair. To see everything that's been on the menu before, check out the 2014 Arkansas State Fair Food Guide.

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