Monday, November 9, 2009

The Lunch Special at Frontier Diner in Little Rock.

Went by Frontier Diner out on I-30 at Baseline yesterday.  I was looking for comfort food, and knew I'd found it when I saw "purple hull peas" listed as the vegetable of the day.  Can't go wrong with that.

Mind you, I was a bit late for the lunch rush -- the restaurant closes at 1 p.m., and this was around 12:20.  But most of the stuff on the lunch board was still available -- pork chop, chicken fried steak, meatloaf -- only the chicken spaghetti was gone.

Well, as I mentioned, I was looking for comfort food, so I ordered the meatloaf.  Spent a few minutes looking around, too.

The Frontier Diner is one of those places that's been around forever.  Its kitschy decor and Route 66 inspired decoupage is the perfect sort of place for a guy working out on a job to come grab a quick breakfast or lunch and head out somewhere else.  I've been before... several times.  I like the "World Famous 1/2 Pound Cheeseburger" and the battered fries are pretty good, too.

This time around, I got that meatloaf, and was surprised not only at the quickness of service (less than three minutes) but the size.  My chunk of meatloaf rivaled the dimensions of a typical brick -- maybe not as long, but a bit thicker and covered in a tangy tomato sauce.  Potatoes were creamy, the peas were fantastic with bits of onion, and I got less than halfway through that meatloaf before I started begging for a box.

Oh, and I had dessert.  Before I really had dug into the meatloaf a couple of the waitresses had asked if I was going to have the special of the day, the Tiramisu Cheesecake, and they talked me into it.  And I am glad they did... layers of espresso and chocolate and cream and cheesecake were hard to ignore, and I finished every last bit of it.  It was wonderful.

The lunch special is $6.29 and comes with a couple of side items and a roll or cornbread (cornbread's on the slightly sweet side and served with Land O' Lakes).  Desserts are under $3.  And the waitresses are nice and chatty.

You'll find Frontier Diner on the westbound access road of I-30, just west of Baseline Road (over by AHTD).  They're open for breakfast and lunch.  (501) 565-6414.

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