Friday, May 16, 2008

Things I have eaten.

It started out as a joke.

I'm always looking for new experiences to document for Tie Dye Travels, so any time I'm out and about at a restaurant, I'm taking pictures of the food. Sometimes it's difficult to explain -- because there are folks out there who assume that if you are a writer and you have a camera on you, you're going to review the restaurant. However, I don't review all the places I visit -- heaven forbid, that'd take about all the free time I have! So my friends jokingly came up with this idea, of this website I should do, called "Things I Have Eaten."

Over these past several months, I've worked hard to hone in on my amateur food photography. And it's coming along, sure. But I am still quite a novice.

All of the pictures you'll find here were taken on a Canon P50 in all sorts of lighting situations. I have tried to properly chronicle all of the pictures by the month and restaurant at where they were taken. I've also made a point here to show just food that I have eaten; though I do take pictures of the food of my companions, all the pictures here contain food that I have consumed.

Papadum and hot chai at Star of India, February 2008

Star of India's refreshing Kachumber Salad.

Chicken Tikka Korma, one of my favorite dishes.

A lamb-filled paratha bread.

My own recipe -- Indian Honey Chicken (with my own curry powder mix), rice, and uttapam, February 2008

Prelude to the most expensive meal I've ever consumed: an onion roll at Wright's at the Biltmore -- Phoenix, AZ, February 2008.

Arugala, tomato, and shrimp salad and beet chips.

A fine example of American Lodge cooking -- lamb medalions, eggplant puree, and a green salad.

A fine dessert plate -- housemade cheesecake and key lime sherbet with spun sugar and chocolate accents.

Acadia Farms at the Heard Museum, Phoenix, AZ in February 2008 -- a delicious Southwest Chicken Pie.

Dinner at C4, the restaurant at the Clarendon Hotel+Suites, Phoenix, AZ. A fine asada steak with fingerling vegetables. This steak was way too much food to consume in one setting!

Sometimes simple is best. Coffee and toast at Matt's Big Breakfast, Phoenix, AZ, February 2008.

Cheese omelet and home-style potatoes with herbs.

One of my favorite, most simple dishes -- Crepes Suzette at Cibo, Phoenix, AZ, February 2008.

A great place to experience my favorite food -- the cheese platter at Cheuvront Restaurant and Bar, Phoenix, AZ, February 2008. Three delicious cheeses, fresh fruit, and fresh bread. Simple and divine.

I so wish I could find fry bread in Arkansas! A green taco at the Fry Bread House in Phoeniz, AZ in February 2008.

Pure divinity -- fry bread with honey -- light, luscious, hard to put down because it's oh so good.

Tomato and basil brioche, chocolate croissant, and cafe au lait at the Paris Casino in Las Vegas, March 1, 2008.

An incredible dinner at Twin Creeks, the fabulous restaurant in the Silverton Casino Lodge, March 1, 2008. That's a delicious blueberry martini.

First time I've ever tried foie gras. Here, presented seared on a dehydrated mango chip with espresso foam. Amazing.

Colossal pan seared scallops and a boxcar.

A fine selection of breads.

Roasted monkfish with eggplant puree, poached asparagus, and truffled potatoes.

French pressed house blend coffee with whole cream, champagne ice, Chocolate Caramel Cake, and The Tropics (passion fruit sorbet over coconut tapioca over fresh sliced mango).

So pretty, I had to shoot it twice.

Sapporo, Las Vegas -- 1am on March 2, 2008. Rainbow roll with assorted sashimi. Sushi always photographs beautifully.

The same with curried lamb chops, edame, and Diver scallops.

Miso soup and the house salad, along with my trademark iced tea without lemon (or sweetener).

Another view, including Teppankayi Chicken Breast and Calimari Steak, fried rice, and veggies.

One more view -- this one was actually included in the May 2008 issue of Today's Man magazine.

Sadly, an out of focus shot -- In and Out burgers and fries, Lake Havasu City, AZ, March 2008.

Skip's on 43 near Picayune, MS -- a seafood platter including catfish, oysters, crab fingers, fried shrimp, crab cake, hush puppies, and sweet potato.

Late night danishes at the Degas House, New Orleans, March 2008.

Breakfast juice, eggs, and peaches at the Degas House.

Lunch at Igor's, our favorite Garden District joint -- Igor burgers and fries, March 2008.

Late night fare at Felix's off Bourbon Street, including seafood gumbo and a half a shrimp po' boy, March 2008.

Mimosa at Petunia's, March 2008.

Crepe St. Louis -- a seafood and cheese filled delight.

A small bite and Pomegranate tea at Red Fish Grill, March 2008.

Barbeque oysters.

Fresh bread and a unique, delicious and light salad.

Chicken Creole at the New Orleans School of Cooking, March 2008.

Bread pudding and a praline.

Combination enchiladas at El Rio in Pine Bluff, March 2008.

Beef brisket sandwich with sauce and cole slaw, Hickory House BBQ, Forrest City, March 2008.

Rock 'n' Roll roll at Nagoya Japanese Restaurant, Southaven, MS, March 2008.

Sushi and tempura sampler with beef tataki.

Dinner aboard the Showboat Branson Belle, including beef pot roat, mashed potatoes, and steamed veggies (usually comes with chicken cordon bleu, but I can't have the ham), April 2008.

Lemon icebox pie with strawberry topping and a frothy cappuccino drink.

Honey Pecan Chicken Salad sandwich on Bronze Wheat bread with Asiago Cheese soup and chips, Neighbor's Mill, Harrison, April 2008.

Turkey sandwich and broccoli cheese soup, War Eagle Mill, April 2008.

Blackberry cobbler a la mode.

International lunch spread at Silver Dollar City -- including Greek salad, Souvlaki, calzone, terikayi beef, and more -- Apri 2008.

Fried zucchini and mushrooms, Montana Mike's Steakhouse, Branson, April 2008.

Sirloin steak and sauteed mushrooms with roll.

Volcano roll and crunchy shrimp roll, Mt. Fuji Restaurant, Little Rock, April 2008.

Meatloaf with fried squash, macaroni and cheese, and japaleno cornbread, Ed & Kay's Family Restaurant, Benton, April 2008.

A half-slice of Mile High Chocolate Meringue Pie.

Groom's cake at wedding of John and Stephanie Bell, April 2008.

Salad and buttered crackers at Don's Seafood House, Shreveport, April 2008.

Crabmeat and eggplant au gratin, with potato.

Beef brisket sandwich, mac and cheese and fried okra, Old Post BBQ, Russellville, May 2008.

Fried chicken at the Old South, Russellville, May 2008.

Hickory burger and fries, Stoby's Russellville, May 2008.

Deep fried burger, Ozark Cafe, Jasper, May 2008.


  1. I'm so happy to know that Petunia's in NO is OK! Had a wonderful breakfast there a few years ago.

  2. Woo! Our Armadillo made it onto your list! How awesome s that?

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