Thursday, May 17, 2018

VIDEO: Baklava at the International Greek Food Festival.

Want a close up look at all the baklava produced for the annual event at Little Rock's Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church? Here you go.

Baklava is the top selling dish each year at the International Greek Food Festival in Little Rock.

It takes months to prepare.

The nutty filling is prepared right after Christmas.

Over the course of the winter and early spring, volunteers make the super thin sheets of pastry.

They're layered with honey, nuts and spices: 16 layers of pastry, eight doubled layers of phyllo dough alternating with nuts and spices, and another 16 more layers of phyllo dough.

180 pans of baklava are constructed and baked (plus 60 more pans of chocolate baklava).

Each piece is carefully sliced, packed in paper and packaged by volunteers.

Every year's a sellout.

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