Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Secret Arkansas Escapes for a Romantic Weekend or Holiday.

Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday this year, which opens up a lot of great possibilities for celebrating the holiday. Perhaps you'd like a mid-week escape with your sweetheart - or maybe you'd prefer to surprise your partner at dinner with whispers of a lovely weekend ahead.

But with so little time to book, where are you going to find a place to spend the night together?

Check out my list of amazing places that are still available (as of this writing) where you and your love can escape for romance in Arkansas.

If you love the outdoors as much as you love each other, consider an escape to the Delta Resort & Spa near McGehee. Stay in one of the two lodges on-site, enjoy skeet shooting and other great outdoor sports during the day, relax at the on-site spa and dine at the wonderful 43 Grill & Bar, all in the heart of the Arkansas Delta.

Want to stay in the home of a local celebrity? Famed Hot Springs magician Maxwell Blade has been working on the Blade Island Bungalow - an eclectic abode that was once a bait shop back in the 1950s (Roy Rogers may have bought his fishing license here!) that's been turned into an oasis on Lake Hamilton, complete with waterfall and 700 square foot deck.

Love traveling and the great age of the automobile? It may be hard to imagine, but the Texaco Bungalow and Bungalette in Eureka Springs are open for Valentine's Day. This former gas station and garage on the famed Historic Spring Street Loop are decked out in style while still calling back to a simpler age when Eureka Springs was a hot destination for tourists anxious to see where those new fangled automobiles would take them,

Stay in an Italian Villa in the heart of the Arkansas Ozarks. Head to Harrison and enjoy a night at the San Darnel Italian Villa on the property of the new San Darnel Vineyard, complete with a gorgeous panoramic view and a rooftop patio and grill.

Hot tub? In-room whirlpool tub? Pool table? If all three of these sound like a good idea for a romantic getaway, consider Judy's Cabin in the Woods. While still within the Springdale city limits, this wood-sided two-story cabin happens to be located in seclusion and offers a welcome retreat from the outside world.

Love country charm? If you like a nice whitewashed porch or a view of the Ouachitas, check out this farmhouse cottage near Mena. This three bedroom cottage is cute as a button and is the perfect spot to set up moderate housekeeping for two (or more).

Stay in a gorgeous handbuilt cedar and stone cabin near Mountain Home. The Bodenhammer Cabin is a two story structure built around a stone frame. It includes two separate bedrooms (great for two couples) and a bath and a half plus a full kitchen and plenty of other comforts.

If you like your romantic holiday rustic, head to Clinton and stay in this log cabin. Raw hewn logs on the outside and a compact, special woodstove-heated getaway for two inside, perfect for outdoorsy folks who love waterfalls. Yes, I said waterfalls - as in, hike to one nearby. Meals are included with this secret cabin. The Greater Good Cabin is located in the middle of 100 acres, so you won't be disturbed.

Want even more primitive? How about a cabin in the land around the Buffalo National River headwaters? This one-room cabin is so rustic, it has an outhouse. But if you're on a budget and you love to hike, it might be the perfect place for you.

Have a lovely night in the house of the Rising Sun. Not the New Orleans house of ill-repute, of course, but one of two suites above Cherry Street in downtown Helena, where you can delve into the history of the Arkansas Delta and the blues with visits to the Delta Cultural Center and other nearby museums and venues.

On a budget? This secluded cottage near Mount Ida isn't far from Lake Ouachita, rents for just $69 a night and has a private stream on property.

Experience life in a tiny home in this cottage in Fayetteville. The tin-plated walls shine a bit in this larger-on-the-inside abode complete with sleeping loft, kitchen, bath and cozy living room.

Are you looking for a spot to find clarity and comfort? The Eureka Zen Wishing House is an oasis of calm waiting for you, both beautiful and quiet. When you're done with quiet, you're just two blocks from all of Eureka Springs' great Spring Street shops.

Love Eureka Springs but want to be further away? Spend the night in this 1930s lodge close by at the Lake Lucerne Treetop Cabin. Clean but barely changed in its nearly 90 years, this two-person cabin is at the end of the road to the lake, so you won't be interrupted. One big change - there is WiFi, so you can download a movie (or choose not to log on and enjoy woodland and lake views instead).

Train buff? You can spend your escape in a caboose! At Livingston Junction Estate, Caboose #3 is waiting for you to escape to a different age, with lodging inside a magnificently kept and converted railroad caboose. Really want to relax? There's a hot tub on the deck outside.

Combine a love of beer and boating and being away from it all at this brewery cabin on Beaver Lake. Located on the Saddlebock Brewery property, this humble abode has a kitchen, bath and bed - but its proximity to a gorgeous inlet of Beaver Lake and to the brewery itself make it super-attractive.

Want a great jumping-off place to explore Little Rock's booming new SoMa District? Enjoy a night at the Drummond House, a two bedroom home built in 1923. Coffee, tea and snacks are waiting those who want to stay in, or go out and explore the ESSE Purse Museum. Central High School National Historic Site and Loblolly Creamery.

Find seclusion in the heart of the Ozarks near the Buffalo National River at Leatherwood House near Jasper. Secluded and detailed, this is a great place to unplug with games, enjoy making a dinner for your special someone or relaxing in a clawfoot tub. Plenty of room if you want to do the couples thing, too.

Speaking of great couples hideaways, if you have a lot of couples and want to have some fun, consider renting out the Ferncliff House. Secluded on 36 acres, this home is packed with not one, not two but 24 beds (mostly bunk beds), three and a half baths and plenty of room to stretch out and participate in group activities.

And if you have money to spare and would love to spend the night in a cave, you absolutely must try Beckham Creek Cave Lodge - which is surprisingly still open for Valentine's Day evening. One of the top ten most unique lodgings in the WORLD, this is a four bedroom habitat carefully situated within a cave above a waterfall. Even at $1200 a night, this one won't be free for long.

Need more suggestions? Click here for Secret Romantic Getaways across Arkansas, and follow this link to peruse Secret Romantic Hideaways in The Natural State.

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