Sunday, December 2, 2018

Arkansas Food: The A to Z of Eating in The Natural State.

The book that finally answers the question "what is Arkansas food?" is on the way, packed with 130+ recipes, 450 full-color photographs and more than 300 listings in alphabetic order. Take a look inside Kat Robinson's newest effort to share what's great about this state's cuisine.

What is Arkansas food? Kat Robinson has intensely studied the cuisine of the region for more than a decade. Arkansas Food: The A to Z of Eating in The Natural State is the culmination of that research, laid out in a handy glossary including everything from apple butter to zucchini bread.

Diving past the triumverate of Arkansas’s most sensational foods of cheese dip, fried pickles and chocolate gravy, Robinson delves into the nooks and crannies of every corner of the state. Discover the state’s famed garden bounty of PurpleHull peas, watermelon, peaches, apples, butter beans, Esau sweet corn, yellow and cushaw squash and Bradley County Pink tomatoes.

Celebrate Arkansas food brands with broad appeal, such as Cavender’s Greek Seasoning, Grapette soda, Mountain Valley Water and Petit Jean smoked meats. Taste flavors from legendary restaurants, including Wayne Shadden’s barbecue sauce. Coy’s Steak House salad dressing, Cotham’s Mercantile’s fried green tomatoes, and the Venesian Inn’s Italian salad.

Learn how duck and deer hunting influences rural cuisine, why fried chicken and spaghetti are served together in the Ozarks, how to tell the difference between the two types of buffalo and how to pronounce the word “crappie.”

With more than 130 Arkansas recipes, 450 full color photographs and over 300 topics, you’ll be sure to crave what The Natural State brings to the table.

If you'd like to purchase Arkansas Food: The A to Z of Eating in The Natural State, click this special PayPal link. It will take you to a direct page where you can order. Books are $29.99 for one, $54.99 for two (a $2.99 savings), or $79.99 for three (a $9.98 savings). The book will officially be released December 20, 2018.

Arkansas Food book

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