Whether it's covering Arkansas's best pies or defining Arkansas food, Kat Robinson has you covered. Here's a one-stop shopping link.

Looking for great ways to enjoy Arkansas's culinary offerings? Check out these great books (and look below for package offers)!

101 Things to Eat in Arkansas Before You Die
(August 2019) and 102 More Things to Eat in Arkansas Before You Die (November 2019)
   Hit the road and savor the flavors of Arkansas! Native guide and food expert Kat Robinson has diligently covered the entire state, logging hundreds of thousands of miles and visiting thousands of restaurants to determine the tastiest and most unique dishes Arkansas has to offer. With this volume, plan your culinary expedition through the Delta, the Ozarks, Lower Arkansas, the Ouachitas and the heart of the state. Let full color photographs of extraordinary plates encourage you to buckle up for culinary adventure. 

Enjoy the best The Natural State has to bring to the table, all in this handy travel book! Robinson, the host of the Emmy-nominated documentary Make Room For Pie on the Arkansas Educational Television Network and the author of Arkansas Food: The A to Z of Eating in The Natural State, answers with this book the question often asked: where are the quintessential places to dine around Arkansas? Her lush, on location photography showcases the dishes and delights in store for hungry travelers looking for the perfect epicurean trail to follow. From white cloth formal to dairy bar booths and five-napkin barbecue joints, she covers the full scope of the state's restaurant scene with an eye towards native flavors, foods and traditions. Purchase 101 here. Purchase 102 here.

Arkansas Food: The A to Z of Eating in The Natural State
(released December 20, 2018)
   From apple butter to zucchini bread, this cookbook covers Arkansas's culinary heritage with articles and recipes for barbecue, cheese dip, fried pickles, peach preserves, quail, venison, crappie, watermelon pickles and more - 130+ recipes amidst more than 300 listings, 450 full-color photographs and Kat's great stories about Arkansas Food. More information here. Purchase here.

Another Slice of Arkansas Pie: A Guide to the Best Restaurants, Bakeries, Truck Stops and Food Trucks for Delectable Bites in The Natural State
(March 2018)
   The travel guide for pie lovers, this comprehensive guide shares locations all across the state of Arkansas where you can find delicious pies in all sorts of sweet variation, from meringue and cream to custard and chocolate, every manner of fruit, plenty of nuts and even fried pies. With more than 450 listings, 400+ full color photographs and 33 Arkansas-specific pie recipes, this tome is the book you read twice - once straight through, and once every time you pull it out of your glove compartment to find pie in the area you're visiting. Features an edge index defining regions and highways across the state to follow to great pie. More information here. Purchase here.

Make Room For Pie: A Delicious Slice of The Natural State (March 2018, video)
   Arkansas loves pie! Travel all across The Natural State to meet many of the piemakers who create these extraordinary desserts and learn their stories. Available through AETN

Classic Eateries of the Arkansas Delta
(October 2014).
   Unofficially called "Elvis Eats Eastern Arkansas," this by-the-highway celebration of Delta fare and restaurants takes you from Arkansas's first James Beard Award-winning restaurant - Jones Barbecue Diner in Marianna - along one route after another through the Lower and Upper Delta with stories on how each of these classic restaurants got its start, their great dishes and where to find them.  Purchase here.

Classic Eateries of the Ozarks and Arkansas River Valley
(November 2013)
   If life is a highway, food is the fuel. The restaurant cuisine of Arkansas was crafted by transportation--and by family heritage. From century-old soda fountains to heritage candy makers, Arkansas wine country and the birthplace of fried pickles, discover the delicious nooks of the Ozarks and scrumptious crannies of the Arkansas River Valley through this tasty travelogue. Learn how fried chicken came to a tiny burg called Tontitown. Discover a restaurant atop a gristmill with a history predating the Civil War. Dine where Bill Clinton, Sam Walton and Elvis Presley caught a bite to eat. Join author Kat Robinson and photographer Grav Weldon on this exploration of over one hundred of the state's classic and iconic restaurants.  Purchase here.

Arkansas Pie:: A Delicious Slice of The Natural State
(November 2012)
   Dozens of different pies on restaurant menus from the Delta to the Ozarks await hungry diners, and almost every delectable creation is a masterpiece of southern baking. Join food writer Kat Robinson on a tour through an Arkansas culinary tradition. Kat has traveled the state, sampling more than four hundred different varieties and absorbing stories along the way. Learn where fried pie is king and why a pie called possum should be the official state pie. Meet the North Little Rock man who made and sold one hundred different pies in a single day, and discover the new and innovative pie-making methods of chefs in Fayetteville and Hot Springs. It's all here in this mouthwatering and informative collection. Purchase here.

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