Lilly's Dim Sum
Then Some's Sesame Noodles
Grav Weldon's fantastic food photography could soon grace your website, menu or advertising!  The prominent Arkansas food and travel photographer is taking assignment work to create suitable and creative images for use by restaurant owners with his own unique criteria:

1.  Grav's photos are of real food; what you see is what you get.  This means the food you make is what he shoots -- no fluffing, no camera tricks, no food fakery.  What he shoots is the same edible and delicious food you serve every day.

The Lamb at Chez Philip

2.  Grav's an art photographer... which means he'll do the food justice.

3.  And... he travels!  He'll work with your schedule to come to your place of business to shoot YOUR FOOD.

Skipper Burger at Thirst N' Howl

Rate guide

For the web:
1000px images at 300 dpi

Shooting fee:  $150 plus mileage (.55 per mile)
B-Side's Chicken and Waffles
Image fee:  $25 per image (you get to choose from the thumbnails)

Package deal:  20 images for $500 (shooting fee waived)

Other deals can be negotiated.

For menus:
Images shot at 300 dpi

Shooting fee:  $150 plus mileage (.55 per mile)
Image fee:  $50 per image (you get to choose from the thumbnails)
Grand Taverne's Classic
Presentation of Half Duckling

Package deal:  15 images for $750 (shooting fee waived)

For advertising:

Shooting fee:  $150 plus mileage (.55 per mile)

Photography for web ads:
$100 per image, provided as 1000px by 300 dpi
$25 per image, provided as 300px by 300 dpi
Grav can provide your full web ad with text for $100 more

Pralines at New Orleans
School of Cooking
Photography for print ads, color:  $150 per image or as negotiated, depending on size requested

For editorial usage:
Proposals accepted.

To schedule:

Contact Grav Weldon at (501) 258-0728 or at
ZaZa Salad and Woodfired Pizza Co.'s salad bar
Strawberry jalapeno and rosewater
ice cream sundae at Nom
Nom's Mexican Grill and Chill
Breakfast at D's Restaurant in Alma

Club 178's Baked Brie appetizer
Bourbon Chocolate Chunk
Pecan Pie at
Greenhouse Grille

Elk Burger and Home Fries
at Boardwalk Cafe

Fresh hot bread at
Gaston's White River Resort
Chicago Dog at Lynn's Chicago Foods

Macarons at Chez Philip

Meatballs at OW Pizza Downtown

Crabcake dish at Chez Philip

Burger and Fries at Bonnie's Cafe

Baked ravioli at DeVito's
Delta Sunrise at Ashley's

Mudbugs at Craws for a Cause
Fried mushrooms at Razorback Ribs

Signature Cone

Wedding Pops from This Cake Pops!

Dagwood Sandwich at Red Rooster Bistro
Arkansas Cornbread Festival

Pimento Cheese Burger at CBG
Berry Flapjacks at Bongo Room

Kent Walker's Ophelia Cheese

Frostop Root Beer
Sweet Spring Martini at
Henri's Just One More
Cherry Crisp at Miss Anna's on Towson

Pigtrail Martini at
Henri's Just One More

Cheese Dip at Hamburger Barn

Green Appletini at
Henri's Just One More
Fleur De Lis Festival Cocktail

Beaver Lake Martini
at Henri's Just One More

Orange MaryClare Macaron
in production

Mini Pies at Rhoda's Famous Hot Tamales
MaryClare Macarons

A selection of fine cheeses

Red Fish on the Griddle
at Oak Street Po'Boy Festival
Vegetables at Paizi's Gyros

Dinner at Monte Ne
Inn Chicken Restaurant
Flaming the pan at Rubaie's Cafe

Queso Fundido at
Rolando's Restaurante

The trout at Rubaie's Cafe
Fried noodle at
Gina's Sushi Cafe

Sweet iced muffins at
Blue Mountain Bakery

Chef Dave's bread and butter
at The Grand Taverne
Uncle Roman Pizza at
Steffey's Pizza

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