Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oddities abound... like Thai donuts?

WOULD YOU EAT HERE?  Strange eatery in Ft. Smith

  • WOULD YOU EAT HERE? Strange eatery in Ft. Smith
I've eaten a lot of strange things over the years... and at a lot of strange places. I've eaten in restaurants with dirt floors, structures that barely seemed code-worthy and from food trucks in parking lots. I've eaten weird things combined with other weird things. But this one... frightens me just a little bit. It's located in Fort Smith along Highway 64 north of downtown. The sign claims the place sells "donuts" as well as Chinese and Thai food, to go... while the signs on the side of the building promotes chicken wings. Hrm. Maybe on a good day with a plentiful supply of Gas-X.
Which leads me to ask... what's the strangest restaurant you've seen? Want to share your photos or stories? Drop me a line at I'm collecting what I can find so I can share with all of you, dear readers. Entertaining eateries, indeed.

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