Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Burger joint of the week: Midtown Billiards.

GREASY DIGS:  Midtown's legendary burger at home
  • GREASY DIGS: Midtown's legendary burger at home
There's no burger in Arkansas that more terrifies the weak-hearted and titillates the adventuresome than the burger at Midtown Billiards in downtown Little Rock. The classic buttered-bun smashburger has attained a level of legend usually reserved for Charlotte's pies and McClard's barbecue. But many will never attempt to venture into the depths of Little Rock's only open-all-night billiard joint to savor it.
That's partly because of the smoke, I'm sure. There's also a real rough-and-tumble feel about the place, like it hasn't changed in decades except for the layers of graffiti and posters on the wall. What I did find, though, was that while the rest of the interior lacks care and organization, the griddle is spotlessly clean when the day begins.
You're welcome to read more over at Serious Eats. Are you kidding? Of course I had to share this burger with the rest of America. But I'm not about to attempt the big monster with the spam sandwich inside it. If'n you give it a shot, take pictures and share with the rest of us. Man.

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