Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dreams Made Real at Dromborg Castle in Fayetteville.

You can own your own castle in the Boston Mountains of the Ozarks - within minutes of downtown Fayetteville. Let's start at the top and wander down into Dromborg Castle.
I was an afternoon guest at the castle three years ago, and was given the privilege of taking photographs of some of its rooms. There's a link below this photo set to a website where you can learn about the sale of the castle, which includes even more photos.

To start, Dromborg Castle is a 13,000sf abode in the middle of 40 acres of rustic, wooded Ozark hilltop. Neighbors aren't close. It's secluded on the south side of Fayetteville. I was allowed to see a lot of stuff that's not shown here - including a magnificent garage, master bedroom with his-and-her baths and a chapel. Those I was asked not to photograph.

The public areas, though, were fair game.  Let's start at the top.

This is the observation deck, fourth floor. You can see 300 degrees of Ozarks from this perch. There's a great fireplace to warm up to in the autumn, a place and hookup for a gas grill, and man, what a view.
One direction...

Another direction. That clump of buildings just to the right of center are downtown Fayetteville, with the Chancellor Hotel at the top.

That's the small lounging pool and back patio, as seen from the observation deck.

The Map Room on the third floor is my favorite room, with lots of medieval touches.

It's comfortable and has lots of great touches, including recessed windows and plenty of desk space.

The staircase is different for each level. In-between the second and third floors, there's this nook-like window.

The second story is a men's lounge which is large as apartments I have rented in the past. This one has a flat screen TV, comfortable furniture, its own patio, a bathroom with tile shower, its own kitchen and... wait for it...

(the men's lounge kitchen)

a balcony that looks out over the Great Room.

Yep, that's a great room. We'll get down there in just a moment.

Seriously, I could live in just the men's lounge and be happy.

Another comfortable nook lies between the first and second floors...

Past the nook, here's this gorgeous wood paneled stairwell.

There are three bedrooms in the guest quarters, each made to resemble monastic, austere accommodations. Each of the rooms is 12'x12' and features built-in cabinetry. There's a full bath on this wing with a Jacuzzi tub.

Every detail has been thought of - from the tilework to the woodwork. It is gorgeous.

This natural cherry library... oh my heavens.

This Great Hall features a full kitchen at its end.

Yeah, I have kitchen envy.

On the outside of the garage, there are gargoyles!

The front entrance of the house.

If you'd like to learn more about Dromborg Castle (or are interested in purchasing it), head to this website.

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