Friday, July 15, 2016

Americana Eats at Anne's Country Kitchen in Pine Bluff.

If you’re looking for comfort food in Pine Bluff, head out to the west side of town and enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch at Anne’s Country Kitchen.

Anne’s isn’t fancy.  It’s a restaurant in a flat green and white building on the north side of Highway 79, right off I-530 exit 39.
The tables are red and yellow, the wall is covered in all sorts of memorabilia, and the restaurant may have more working thermometers than can be found in any other dining establishment in Arkansas.

Breakfast items range from pancakes and waffles and French toast to omelets and breakfast plates.

My favorite is the New York omelet before — a cheeseburger omelet with a broken up hamburger patty and American cheese in it.  You can have other things in your omelets, such as ham or bacon or sausage or cheese, but this one does it for me.

For a heartier breakfast, consider the  Chopped Sirloin and Two Eggs -- a nice hand patted chopped sirloin formed into a steak cooked with onions, nicely peppered with a touch of Worchestershire sauce, served up with toast or a biscuit, hash browns or creamy grits and two eggs done however you’d like.

Want a quicker meal or something to go? Consider the BD Breakfast Sandwich, a bacon egg and cheese combination on a bun, four strips of bacon perched on top of two over-hard eggs with mayo.

Sticking around for lunch?  The best thing you can choose, bar none, is the chicken fried steak – one of the largest served in southeast Arkansas.  Don’t let this photo fool you – the steak extends completely under that pile of mashed potatoes.

You’ll find Anne’s Country CafĂ© at 3714
Camden Road. There’s no website, but the phone number is (870) 879-0057. It’s open Monday-Friday 6 a.m.-8 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday 6 a.m .-2 p.m.

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