Monday, May 9, 2011

Hefty piles of crawfish at Craws for a Cause.

ONE IN A MILLION: This mudbug done got ate.
Went out Friday night to Craws for a Cause… and man, what a show. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen so much crawfish in one place in my life.
That being said, I was completely blown away by the crowds out there… and surprised at the way things were set up.
There were VIPs, and I really wish I’d been one at first. Reserved tables, crawfish and beer brought to you on request. The VIPs were lined up to go in when I arrived right at 7 p.m. — and when I left at 9 p.m. they were still out partying together. The band was playing in this area and the games were going on there.
Then there was the general admission area — completely separate and done quite differently. The attendees picked up a cup and a handful of newspaper at the gate and made their way to the outfield, where volunteers were shoveling up messes of crawfish in trays
and handing them over with corn on the cob and potatoes on top. Jambalaya was dispensed at another station, as were Petit Jean hot dogs. Beverages came from stands — that’s what the cups were for. I expected lines, but there were no more than three or four people at the beverage stands any time I looked up — and the crawfish scoopers were quick.
I am thankful for my own wisdom in bringing an entire package of wet wipes with me. My daughter eschewed the crawfish for a hot dog and corn, but for me popping the meat out of those crawfish left me with painfully spicy hands. The redness was everywhere. It collected on my cup every time I went for a sip (I calculated eight crawfish to one cup of Dr. Pepper), it smeared all over the newspaper and it got on the skin and turned it red. We went through half a pack.
The camaraderie was nice. There were plenty of places to sit, and when Hunter went to enjoy the playground a crew came out and inflated the bouncy castles. The Baptist Health helicopter team even did a demonstration — which caused some of the bouncy castles to slide a bit, but which also greatly impressed the kids.
Didn’t convince Hunter to eat a crawfish — she says they’re scarry — but I did manage to witness a good time had by a lot of people. Scotty Adams says 4100 people came out this year. He doesn’t yet know how much money was raised, but the event appears to have been a success. Those funds will go towards purchasing Giraffe-OMNI biobeds for the Baptist NICU unit.

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