Thursday, May 5, 2011

Burger joint of the week: The House in Hillcrest.

BUTTERY BURGER:  The Great American Burger at The House
  • BUTTERY BURGER: The Great American Burger at The House
Hopefully you’ve had a chance to peruse the new Natives Guide, covering the best burgers in Pulaski County. No? It’s worth a read.
On the list: this burger, the Great American Burger ($9.50) at The House. From bun top to bottom it’s a great example of how a good burger can be put together from fine ingredients and served up with a little pizzazz.
The House started out when it opened offering a laundry list of burgers at lunchtime. Lunch was discontinued for some time, but when it came back this burger was the sole survivor. At least, the listing was. If you get down to the nitty gritty, the burger choices are pretty vast. For instance, you have a choice of a beef patty from Wynn Farms, a turkey patty or a vegetable patty featuring black beans. There are several choices of cheeses. And there are a slew of add-on condiments that could drastically change whatever flavor you’re searching for in a burger.
But what it really comes down to is this: it’s a burger. It’s a good one. And it can be enjoyed with a Diamond Bear Root Beer or the alcoholic beverage of your choice or even a coffee drink — in one of the more comfortable lunching spots in town.
My choice of burger was the traditional beef patty, which was very lean and tightly packed. The burger comes with herbed mayo, which is a very nice touch. It also comes with tomatoes, red onion ringlets and green leaf lettuce,
all aboard a fresh baked Boulevard Bread Company bun.
Sides are varied — the day I went fries weren’t offered but I did have a choice of chips or salad. I chose the latter and received a nice, sweet dressing drizzled pile of fresh baby salad greens and croutons, a nice fresh side to the burger.
And the burger itself? Nicely crusted and lightly seasoned. I chose the Chevre cheese to add to my burger and was very pleased with the combination of richy beefy burger and tangy cheese. Maytag Blue Cheese is my other favorite here, though you also have a choice of more traditional favorites such as Swiss and Cheddar.
Better yet, the burger is not overdone. Though the patty is tight packed and a little thinner than other pub burgers, it’s cooked to a light pink in the center.
If I were to call this burger anything, I’d say it was buttery — that’s the overall combination of the bun, the patty and the cheese on me.
I wasn’t the only one eating a burger the day I dropped in. I noticed several other diners here and there customizing their own. The House may not be seen as much of a burger place, but there seem to be plenty of people purchasing them there.
You’ll find The House at 722 N. Palm (by the Hillcrest Kroger). It’s open 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Monday-Thursday, until midnight Friday and Saturday and opens an hour earlier on the weekends. (501) 663-4500. Check out theFacebook fan page… and the lunch menu.

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