Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Biggest doughnuts in the state -- at Craig Family Bakery.

KEEP IN MIND:  Thats a cafeteria-style tray
  • KEEP IN MIND: That's a cafeteria-style tray
It’s easy to want to talk about food that stretches the limits. The biggest this or that usually creates waves… whether or not it’s especially the tastiest of anything. Yet sometimes large food deserves notice.
That’s the case at Craig's Family Bakery in Van Buren, where the large doughnuts have caught my attention… and the tiny gingersnaps have stolen my heart.
The doughnuts… there really is no better way of sharing the image of the doughnuts without the photos. They are monsters, eight inches or more across, glazed and yeasty. They’re proportionally flatter than regular doughnuts but they’re still thicker than their counterparts. I would estimate one of these sunuvaguns is worth six regular doughnuts. They are huge.
And when you go to order one, if you mention they’ll cover it in chocolate for you — they aren’t kidding. Takes them just a minute or so to drizzle a thick chocolate glaze on top.
But the doughnuts are just one big thing there. They also have these ginormous cinnamon twists in the case that are easily breakfast for two people.
They have regular doughnuts, Long Johns, sweet rolls, cookies and such. And then there’s something stranger. See, Craig's Family Bakery could be known for the big stuff, but they also offer tiny versions of this and that. Such as the tiny yet tasty two-bite cinnamon rolls, maybe two inches across and just as tasty as a full sized one. They are decadently good.
There are doughnut holes — chocolate drizzled ones, brown sugar dusted ones. There are fudgy no-bakes and iced sugar cookies and Toll House cookies. And then there are the ginger snaps — delicate circles of ginger-scented goodness wrapped like a cannoli around a delicate cream filling. 99 cents for something truly beautiful… and if you like cannoli, they have those, too.
For the amazing show and wonder of the many items inthose bakery cases, you aren’t going to spend a whole lot. For testing purposes, I acquired one large doughnut (with the volunteered chocolate glaze), a chocolate covered Bavarian filled Long John, a tiny cinnamon roll and a ginger snap. The Long John was creamy but with a firm dough that more resembled what you might get with a loaf of bread. And the doughnut got sliced up and shared with several people… and still there was left-overs.
You'll find Craig's Family Bakery at 805 Fayetteville Road on top of the big hill in Van Buren. It's open 6 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, until 2 p.m. on Saturday and 1 p.m. on Sunday. (479) 471-8800. They also have a Facebook page.
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