Tuesday, February 18, 2020

This Garage Getaway in Rogers is All About the Automobile.

Check out this Cool Place to Stay in Arkansas, literally a garage apartment for one or two, just blocks from downtown Rogers. A great place to stay when you're tired - or exhausted!

Pardon the puns.

Video included.

From the outside, it's just a peaceful backyard garage.

Step inside, and you'll discover a car lover's paradise.

This Garage Getaway in Rogers is all about the automobile. Every detail you can imagine is related to cars - from bedroom to kitchen to bath, in this compact and adorable space.

The bedroom and living area feature a full sized bed with a car hood headboard, a desk with a mechanic's stool and a car fin shelf, a bedside table with oil can reading light, and a large flat screen TV.

A bench seat from an older model vehicle serves as couch-like seating.

In the sleek red and black kitchen, emblems from different makes and models embellish the drawer space, while bins, surfaces and chrome reflect an auto mechanic's dream.

There's a toaster oven, microwave and coffeemaker, as well as a fridge, freezer and two burner electric stove.

The theme extends to the bathroom, where a tool cabinet has been re-purposed as a vanity, a pump head is now a faucet and a glove compartment door holds magazines. The toilet paper has even been checked for your arrival.

The property even comes with its own garage space, so you have complete privacy from the outside world. Don't forget to put a pin in the map representing your hometown.

Watch this video to see more.

Check out this link to reserve your stay at this property.

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P.S. The property is also home to one of Arkansas's Champion Trees, a pin oak that stands mighty tall.

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