Sunday, June 27, 2010

Warming the cockles at Faded Rose.

Sausage po'boy.
A cold wind is blowing, and ice is rattling in the trees.  Time to warm up.  And just as it's important to warm up on the outside with sweaters, gloves, and fuzzy hats -- it's just as important to heat up the insides, too.

A great way to enliven the digestive tract and send some heat down below is found within a steaming bowl of The Faded Rose's Crawfish Étouffée. 

Soaked salad.
The heat's not just a matter of temperature.  That initial sip full of comfort, crawfish, and creaminess gives way moments later to a sudden burst of pleasant spice that sweeps you out of a wooden booth in Little Rock and plops you down in a wire-back chair on Decatur Street on a late May day.  Not the painful kind of spicy that has you reaching for the antacid, but the sort that makes your nose run just a little bit.  The sort of heat that makes you feel armed and confident against the approaching cold outside the door.  The perfect sort of dish to sop up with the (thankfully provided) crusty French bread... yum.

Bread pudding.
Of course, the wide array of po'boys, tilapia and redfish dishes, shrimp items and delicious steaks, along with that fabulous Rose's Grilled Louisiana Crab Cakes, make the hardest part of eating there deciding what to eat.  Locations on Rebsamen Park Road and Bowman Road... check out the website for more on where to go and what to eat when you get there.

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